Samantha Gray

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There has been many great pianists like Elton John and Billy Joel, and now we have a brand new one on the rise, her name, Samantha Gray. Samantha now living in the Philippines is quickly becoming a legend world-wide with her piano covers of some of the biggest names in pop, country, classical and indie music. Everyone takes joy in listening to her play and keeps coming back for more.

Samantha started playing piano when she was seven years old and gained inspiration from her mother and sister. By the time she was thirteen she had many great artists she looked up to for inspiration. Some of these artists she gains inspiration from are Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Megan and Liz, Tiffany Alvord, Megan Nicole just to name a few. She started sharing her talent with others on August 6th 2011, alongside her sister Natasha it was for a pre-National Day in Singapore. It was also her sister that helped her past her stage fright.

Since her beginning she has performed many times and has gained a few favorites. One of her favorites was when she had the opportunity to open for Jason Chen and Clara C. at their concert in Singapore last July. She says it has been one of her dreams to open up for them because they are two of her favorite YouTube artists. The fact that they watched her and told her she did a good job meant a lot to Samantha. She also had the opportunity to hang out with one of her inspirations Tiffany Alvord and her family for a day last March. While they were walking around the mall Tiffany and Samantha spotted a piano and ended up doing two duets. Samantha said it was so much fun! She still can not believed it happened, it has been a dream of hers to do a duet with Tiffany.

Samantha’s skills as a pianist has gained her a few awards for her playing. She used to be the keyboardist for her old secondary school’s Co-Curricular Activities Praise Team and received an award for her contribution to the team. She has also received a few certificates for her individual piano examinations.

For Samantha playing the piano is like she is at a concert listening to her favorite artist or band. She also likes to challenge herself and with the piano she is able to do that like figuring out the notes herself. If she does need help playing she will refer to sheet music or chords. Depending on what mood she is in as to what she might play, country, pop, classic, or maybe indie. She says it is a good way to release stress and to express one’s self. Samantha is looking to expand her covers by adding a mixer to incorporate other instruments into her music. She is also thinking of maybe doing some piano tutorials and do more work on her original compositions.

Samantha like many others has a goal she is out to reach, and hers is to be a musician/pianist in the near future. She says she would love to do this as a career not just a hobby. She wants to glorify God’s name because it was him who gave her the gift. She also wants to spread God’s word and love through music as well as inspire and make people happy from around the world.

One thing is for sure Samantha is already a great inspiration to others, her hard work and dedication for the piano is drawing people to her worldwide. There is nothing that Samantha can’t play. She is a true champion with piano, when you listen it is amazing, her fingers flows across the keys as smooth as water never missing a beat. Samantha is amazing be sure and check her out often.