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What is entertainment? Entertainment is enjoying a performer, a performer who is engaging and can divert you away from where you are, and take you somewhere else.  An entertainer should capture a person and take that person to where they can feel happiness or sorrow or even a place of wonder. So what is entertainment? It is not a what, but a who, and he is Sheridan Archbold. Sheridan is entertainment.

Sheridan is a first class act that should have his name in lights on the Las Vegas strip, and maybe one day he just might. Sheridan is a singer, actor and comedian. At any of  his performances that you may attend, you truly never know what he might do. Sheridan has many costumes and depending on the what he wants to convey in his performance as to what he might wear. He could show up as Charlie Chaplin or possibly a rabbit. He may sing something classical or pop. Sheridan is an act that is truly entertainment.

In the beginning it was Sheridan’s brother Edgeorge, who inspired him to want to sing. Edgeorge had a Broadway type voice, and would sing everywhere, at home, the car and so on. Sheridan wanted to be just like him, and even wanted the same name. When Sheridan did begin to sing, he sang with his brother at a church they attended. They even went on to record a CD together. Sheridan was three years old and his brother four. However the CD was never released.

Sheridan Archbold at stars2come There’s been many places Sheridan has performed at but, one of his favorite places was at Madison Square Garden Theater. He performed there for America’s Got Talent. Sheridan put all he had into the performance and got a standing ovation from the judges and audience. Another memorable performance for Sheridan was performing the National Anthem, and other patriotic songs for the 4th of July, Pre Parade Program. He felt honored to share songs with the people, and show his love for this country.

When Sheridan performs his favorite artists to cover are, Luciano Pavarotti, Mariah Carey. He likes covering Luciano because of his great voice, personality and his closeness to classical crossover genre in his late career. Mariah, because she has a huge voice and fantastic stage presence.

When Sheridan goes out to perform, it does not matter what genre he chooses to sing. It is all about connecting with audience, for him. Before each performance he always asks himself three questions; How do I perform? What do I perform? and Why am I doing that? He wants to do his best on stage and have fun with the audience. He believes whatever the genre is he sings, if he sings it sincerely, with all his heart, then the audience believes and follows him.

Since his beginning, Sheridan has won many awards, been seen on television and heard on the radio. At the age of ten in 2011, he won the grand prize at a singing contest in Peoria, Illinois. In 2012, he won the grand prize at the Brown County talent show. In 2013, at the Mid-South Fair in Memphis Tennessee, he won the grand prize singing on the same stage that Elvis did. In 2014, he received an award for his performance by the Foundation of Artists Mentored in Entertainment. Plus in 2014, he was also awarded the 2014, Trendsetter of the Year award for raising the standard for excellence in entertainment. As for television he has been on America’s Got Talent, Telemundo News, ABC channel 7 Eyewitness News, CPR TV Chicago Philippine Report TV, and NinonSpeaks Media Image Internet TV show. Plus 90.9 FM WDCB Public Radio, John Russell, Chicago.

Sheridan Archbold at stars2come Sheridan is becoming a great songwriter. He and his mom writes songs together. They write from real events and their hearts. The first song that was created by them is called, United We Stand Pray For America. This is a special song for his family, they are very patriotic and loves this country. They wanted their love of this country reflected in the song. Sheridan hopes to one day perform this song with a full orchestra and choir. Their newest song will be called, Save the Earth. This song will be dedicated to Greenpeace, because they feel people need to raise their voices about the pollution of the earth. The lyrics of this song will be by poetess, Demelia Denton. Sheridan has also written songs dedicated to Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey.

For those who wish to see one of Sheridan’s performances live, he has many coming this year to pick from. The demand for Sheridan is so huge, that it is not possible to list all of his upcoming shows here, but you can keep track of where he will be and when on his website . However there is one that needs to be highlighted. Sheridan will be in Italy from August 3rd to August 18th. He was chosen to be the first thirteen year old boy to perform the role of Cherubino in opera, Le Nozze di Figaro. He says he feels very excited about this and looking forward to the trip. He is also looking forward to the release of his EP. This is a project that will display his singing along with a couple of surprises on it. He feels it will be well received.

His goal is to simply entertain people and make them happy. He wants to be an inspiration to those who have challenges like he does. Sheridan hopes to make a difference with his singing. If he can inspire someone to persevere and not give up no matter what the personal challenge may be. If he can do this then he has full filled his mission, because he knows first hand about challenges. Sheridan himself is challenged by dyslexia and he has struggled with it for many years, but he has never given up. Everyday he battles dyslexia, but he continues to master his craft no matter what the difficulties are. Although Sheridan has to deal with dyslexia, he has an excellent auditory memory which has helped him to learn lyrics in six different languages. His love for singing and opera has pushed him to overcome many challenges.

Despite Sheridan’s challenges he has risen up and became a first class entertainer. His entertainment skills are among the best, and his creativity will help him entertain and make people happy for many years. He has a gift, and he is not selfish with it. Sheridan is  setting out to make a difference in people’s lives. It is people like Sheridan that makes the world a better place. We can all be thankful to have him on the side of humanity.