A Grand Southern Voice, Haley Warren

There’s a bold and beautiful voice filling the air in southern Mississippi, this voice belongs to, fourteen year old Haley Warren. Being from the south a bit of that southern accent shines through adding a little more  flavor to the songs she sings. Truly a grand voice. Haley has one of those voices that is full of substance and depth that fills the room and surrounds the listener, giving the song,”life”. The voice she has is so full of life, character and maturity she could hold her own against people like, Faith Hill and Cam. Faith and Cam also have great depth and substance to their voices which has helped them gain the great success they have had. Haley could be on the path to do the same.

Haley was not wasting time when it came to performing. At five and six years old, she was already holding her own concerts for her family. “I called the concert Haley’s “Pink Pink World” pink was always my favorite color” says Haley. However, Haley’s older sisters took dance, so her parents enrolled Haley in dance as well. When she was nine or ten they went to a dance convention one weekend, the dance convention was Access Broadway. Their parents dropped them off to return later. This particular workshop included singing and dancing. “When I signed in, they asked if I was there to sing or dance and I said singing” says Haley.  At this convention they have a select number of scholarships, if you receive one, then next year you do not have to pay the entry fee. Once their parents arrived back at the convention, Haley’s sisters told their mom that she signed up for singing instead of dance. Her mom’s response was, Haley doesn’t sing! “I got up on stage and sang Bruno Mars, Locked Out Of Heaven, everyone loved it, and I got a scholarship to everyone’s surprise” says Haley. 

After Haley surprised everyone at the convention, it was then clear she needed to go her own path. A friend of their’s was taking lessons at a local music school called, Rock U  2 Academy of Popular Music. Her mom signed her up right away. Since being signed up, Ms. Barbara and Mr. Tim Alamsha the owners of Rock U 2 have made a lot of great things happen for Haley. Barbara is her vocal coach and Tim produces her videos and recordings. Through them, she has performed regularly at the Shed Barbecue, in Ocean Springs, the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, and several other venues and charities. These opportunities she has been given through Rock U 2 has included multiple performances for the Bacot McCarty Foundation, as well as open for Big Daddy Weave singing, Amazing Grace. 

One of Haley’s favorite performances was at the IP Casino. This was a fundraiser for Rock U 2 Foundation which provides scholarships for music lessons and instruments to children who cannot afford them. The event was held in a huge ballroom, giving the feeling as if it was a real concert. “The lights, the sound system, the crowd, just the whole setting was insane” says Haley. There were some well known acts performing as well. Acts like Southern Halo and The Trent Ladner Band. Southern Halo sat down beside Haley prior to their show and gave her a few pointers. “It was awesome getting advice from a group of girls that have such great talent” says Haley. 

With a voice like Haley’s, it fits in with any genre brilliantly. Many of today’s artists gravitate in and out of genres, and Haley does the very same. When she is out performing she loves to cover songs from pop sensation, Ariana Grande. Haley loves all of Ariana’s songs. “I feel like we have similar voices and style, so it’s easy to relate to her” says Haley. When it comes to pop songs Haley’s voice does fit very well with Ariana. Haley’s diversity is a testament to her vocal abilities. 

Performing is something she loves and was born to do. And driven by the people who listens. She loves the look on people’s faces when she is on stage as well as the comments and private messages from her videos she has posted. One message Haley received was from a person that said every time they were missing their spouse that had passed away recently, they would listen to her song. Others are often from girls who say they have been inspired by Haley to do what they love. “Just knowing I make the slightest difference in someone’s life, there’s no greater feeling” says Haley. She is hoping to make a career out of  making people happy and inspiring others and following God’s path. 

Haley’s fans can look forward to more covers from Haley, but she is also working on her first original song. This is a song she has written and she is excited to record it. 

There has been many people to help her get to where she is, and is grateful for them all, and many of those she does not even know. She loves reading all of the comments on her videos. “Two of my videos recently hit over a million views each, and my mind is just blown” says Haley. She also says, she could not have gotten anywhere if it was not for her supporters, close friends and family. Haley thanks them all because she would not be doing this if it were not for them. “Mr. Tim and Ms. Barbara Alamsha, the founders of Rock U 2 in Ocean Springs are the reason that I am improving and growing everyday” says Haley. Have a good support group from friends, family and fans is what drives artists to continue following their dreams.

It is Haley’s bravery to sign in at that convention that day as a singer that everyone got to see what her true destiny really was. Now people everywhere get to experience Haley’s grand southern voice. Sometimes in life it is necessary to take risks and the one Haley took gained music another artist that people will look up to. If Haley’s passion continues to hold true, she will have a wonderful life in music, performing to others just like her.