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California holds much beauty from the mountains to the north and the lush beaches to the south and somewhere in between there is another beauty to be seen; Abi Ann. When talking about beauty there is more to that than what you can see, it is what lies inside. Abi certainly is beautiful on the outside but, the inner beauty she has is breathtaking! This beauty shows it’s self very well in the performance of her song, “Silence”. Abi’s heart and passion commanded this song giving it such feeling that it will literally move you in the heart. A person must first be beautiful inside to give a song so much meaning that it touches the listener in the heart. There are not many artists that can deliver a song with such beauty; the soft tenderness of her voice, the intensity that came out in just the right places making the delivery of this song, brilliant. “Silence” is evidence of her true brilliance as an artist captivating the listener with each and every word!

The brilliance that Abi has began to blossom in Texas at a musical theater and in ballet performing in front of the parents. However her first solo singing performance was for their local minor league baseball team, The Midland Rockhounds singing the National Anthem. Her first performance in LA was when she was twelve years old at the Girl Scout Expo called B.I.G. (Believe In Girls). She said it was an amazing experience as hundreds of little girls poured to the stage and wanted to touch her hand. She said it was so much fun! One of her favorite performances that she did was, The Cinco De Mayo at the Avalon. The audience here was very receptive making it a lot of fun.

Abi’s artistry has gained her a great deal of recognition; in 2012  she was named Favorite Teen Artist of the Year by the Independent Music Network. Here recently she won five awards from the Indie Music Channel including Best New Teen Artist of the Year 2013. She is nominated by the LA Music Awards for Best Video and Contemporary Song of the Year for her single, “Silence”. EOTM has just nominated her soon to be released video for “Daydreaming” as Video of the Year. She feels so blessed to have won so many awards and to be in the nomination category  for even more awards.

One of Abi’s idols is Taylor Swift. She says Taylor’s lyrics are just brilliant and she relates to her fans in a way that is like no other. For Abi to say, “like no other” is not entirely true, for Abi herself relates very well with her fans and just as important the fans can relate to her through her music. There are very few artists that can captivate the listener the way Abi does, all artists hope that they will be able to do this at some point in their career, for this is one of the greatest achievements for an artist, and Abi has already achieved this and should be very proud to have made such a great achievement.

When it comes to performing she loves the smiles that she is able to put on people’s faces. She says music is so inspirational and it’s such an honor to be able to spread inspiration with your very own life experiences. She hopes to continue to grow as a singer and a lyricist and expanding on her vocal range. She wants to work at being a better performer and getting herself out there more. She has a trip to Nashville in the works where she hopes to expand her contacts in the Country Music business. Abi’s biggest goal is to get her education and be able to manage her own career in a stellar manner.

Abi Ann at stars2come Abi is already growing well in her art and her skills as a songwriter is very strong. She has two great songs coming out very soon called, “Your Song” and “Daydreaming”. Daydreaming is about a crush you can’t get out of your head. For her it means everyone is still capable of puppy love. This song will be released as the deluxe country version along with her music video. Be watching for this on 07/23/13.

For being such a great artist as Abi you would think that is all she does, but that is not the case, she is also an actress. She has been on news programs and morning shows doing interviews many times. Also she was featured in a made for TV movie, “Wish Wizard” with Morgan Freeman and has been in several other movies and a documentary on Texting Teens.

Abi feels she is just a real girl keeping life real. She says she cannot thank people enough for taking the time to listen to her music. Abi is truly real, she cares about what she does and all her friends and fans. She works very hard and all this work is paying off with some wonderful music that everyone can and do enjoy. She is California’s hidden treasure, her beauty within, her heart and passion is the driving force for her artistry and her artistry is captivating and brilliant. Abi Ann is, exceptional! Keep up with all her great works by visiting her website.