AJ Silva

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AJ is an amazingly talented young man who is gifted with a great voice and a keen ear for music. It is easy to see where his gift for music came from since he was literally born into music. Music runs throughout his family and that has exposed him to music virtually all his life. His dad is a music producer and has always been with him in the studio, playing instruments, singing and producing. His grandfather on his dad’s side played drums and was in a band. His other grandfather sings, but not professionally, but AJ believes his tone of voice came from him. AJ certainly does have a wonderful tone to his voice and is very clean and clear. The voice he has allows him to sing pretty much any kind of song, and they always come out amazing. It is these abilities that has gained him such a large fans base and it is growing bigger day by day.

AJ would be a great person for other young artists to look to for inspiration because it is so important to make sure that the songs that are sung, are just right before showing them to the public, and that is exactly what AJ does. AJ may have been born into a music family, but a person still must have talent to achieve what he has. However he did start out the same as most others getting out in the music world for the first time by performing at a talent show. He was eleven years old, and he remembers he sang the National Anthem with a standing ovation afterwards. This alone says a lot about the talent he posses, to get a standing ovation is a great thing and doesn’t happen often for anyone, but to get it on your first time out, that is amazing.  Since his first public performance he has performed many times, and is raking up some favorites. One of his favorites was when he performed at Hoot Fest in Nashville last July. He said it was really great singing for about a thousand screaming girls. He also enjoyed singing at his school’s talent show.

AJ has a lot of great cover songs and they are all very enjoyable. He covers many different artists, but some of his favorite artists are Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars for male singers.  For female singers he really likes  Adele, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift. His vocals are amazing on all the songs he sings, but that is not the only thing that is amazing, it is his guitar playing as well. He has performed many songs while accompanying himself on guitar, and all were very well done, but there is one that really stands out. He covered a James Taylor song called, Fire N Rain and his performance of it is excellent. It is often seen where the performer will play mostly rhythm while accompanying themselves with a guitar, and AJ has done this many times himself, but on Fire N Rain he used a finger-picking style. The guitar is an amazing instrument with most any song, but when you play with a finger-picking style it literally brings the song to life. This style will not only turn a song into something great, but it turns it into art, and that is exactly what AJ did with Fire N Rain. AJ takes guitar lessons, and his dad asked his teacher to teach him finger-picking style and his teacher came up with Fire N Rain. This was an excellent choice and was very well done. For someone who has only been playing guitar for about two years, this truly shows the kind of talent he has.

He does enjoy singing covers, but it may not be long before he starts popping out his own original songs. He is writing his own songs and has so far written enough for a whole album. He says, he writes about things that are current to his age and situations he is going through. When it comes to writing ideas he always co-writes with his dad. AJ says they are a great team. Sometimes AJ comes up with an idea and his dad lays down a crazy beat and the song starts to take shape. Sometimes it is the other way around and his dad writes a hook and AJ will do the melodies. AJ says they don’t really have a plan for writing , they just get started and see where it takes them.

AJ loves what he does and he wants people to enjoy his music and feel a connection. He hopes to change people’s lives and make them happy even if it is just for a moment. His goal is to become a Platinum Recording Artist and be a great entertainer. It is obvious that AJ is becoming a great entertainer and his following is proof of that. All anyone has to do is listen, and they will hear greatness in the making. He never fails to bring great music for everyone to enjoy. AJ is an artist that has a very big and bright future ahead of him and that platinum record will be hanging on his wall not far down the road.