Aja Neinstein

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Canada is on fire with all of the artists that it is producing. Canada is not just producing singers, these are true acts that could withstand the test of time. Aja Neinstein is one of these such acts. Aja is a phenomenal singer, but just as important she has character. There is something different about her that many do not posses, she sees the world outside the box, she has depth. Watching her it is easy to become mesmerized by her voice, but it is her charisma that plays a big role in making you like her as a entertainer. Aja does what a true artist does, holds her audience from beginning to end leaving them wanting more.

Aja says she has been singing her entire life, but at the age of four she began with the local theater. W hen she was in the first grade Aja landed a small role in the school play, Hairspray. She was the youngest kid in the play and the director asked Aja’s mom if he could be her coach. In the following production of Annie, Aja won the lead role playing Annie. Aja says she was very comfortable performing on stage and the crowd was usually around 200 people.

When Aja was eight years old is when she had her first major performance. Aja performed at a, Conquer Cancer event with 5000 people in attendance. She sang the Canadian National Anthem.

There was a performance she done at a theater called, Koerner Hall recently, which has become one of her favorites. “The venue was amazing and it had incredible sound”, says Aja. Another performance she liked was singing at an event with Nikki Yanojsky.

Aja has had many great performances, but there was one that warmed her heart and enabled her to see the power of music.  Recently Aja had the privilege to perform for a boy with severe disabilities at his home. The boy is blind, non verbal, confined to a wheelchair, but loves music. Aja said it was incredible to see him smile when she was singing. “I never realized my music could do that for someone. This by far was my most meaningful performance”, said Aja. Currently there is a special event being planned for the boy’s eighteenth birthday, and Aja will be apart of the festivities.

  Contests are something Aja’s mom doesn’t care much for, however she was entered into one this past June. She was entered  into the Perez Hilton, Can You Sing Competition with Sia’s song, Chandelier. Aja worked on Chandelier and she loved it so much that her vocal teacher suggested for her to record it and do a really fun video. She said it was a fun  project. Well, Aja left for an overnight camp before the editing was done, so she did not have a chance to hear it. Luckily for Aja, her camp counselor played it for her. She loved it! What she was not told was that her video had been entered into a contest which she had won. Most of the staff at camp knew, but kept it secret. Her parents came up for visitors day and told Aja that she had won, and would need to return home because she had interviews to do with TV and magazines. Aja said it was pretty cool that Perez had tweeted her and shared her video with the world.

Most people would be nervous when getting out on stage, but not Aja, the only thing she feels is excitement.  She loves the feeling of being on stage in front of a crowd. Aja is creative with her performances and tries to change her presentation often. Singing she says, is something she often does alone or with her coach, it is not like other things where there are other kids. Aja is a very social person and loves to be with people of all ages.

Aja does not really have any favorite artists, she says, she is only ten so she has lots of amazing artists to learn from. She just released a video of Tattooed Heart by, Ariana  Grande. She is working on a song from Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud. She loves to cover different artists, certain songs just speak to her.

Aja has written a few songs, but not all have come to life. Her first original is about change. Aja had changed schools and camps, these were all good changes and she was happy. She said the original taught her how to bring lyrics to a melody. This has inspired Aja to write more original songs.

Singing is not all that Aja does, she also is an actress. She has been in a few TV shows and short films. She played a girl who drowned in a short film, this was her very first role after signing with her agent. Aja was on a TV show called, The Strain. Aja also got a role on the PBS show, Odd Squad. She says this was the coolest kids set ever. It had pit balls and two story slides, loved it!

Aja is an amazing artist and works hard at what she does and loves it, but she is still a normal kid. She enjoys playing with her friends, be on instagram and snapchat, sleep in, be with her parents and of course eat junk food. She does not like to eat veggies, fruit, do homework, rush in the mornings, or be told what to do. Perfectly normal kid.

Aja may be a normal kid, but there is nothing normal about her talent. She has an enormous  gift  within her, and when she shares this gift everyone becomes quite and listens. Aja has the gift, that when she steps out on the stage, she has you under her spell. There’s so much yet to come from Aja and it is going to be awe-inspiring to see it all unfold.