Alan Wheeler “I For You”

Alan Wheeler at stars2come



Alan`s creativity, and brilliance never fails to bring some of the best music to the world. In the past few weeks Alan has brought two new songs out. His first one “Sleeping With The Lights On” continues to grow in popularity. This song is one that everyone loves. It has a great melody, and more important the lyrics. This song was originally done by the group Busted. Although he did not write the song he brought it to life very well.  It is very important to choose a song that   people relate to, and Alan has a gift to choose a song, to where people can listen and say, that is me. Sleeping With The Lights On, is a great song telling the story about someone dear to you that has left, and all you can do is dream about the great times you had together. Almost everyone has been in this situation, and the song can bring back memories from deep in the past. That is how powerful this song is. Most singers dream is to connect with the listener, and Alan has for sure done that.

His second song out today, Memorial Day,  “I For You”, is a tribute to the veterans. This song was written by Yayo del Villar.  This was taken from the point of view of a boy left behind after his father has gone off to war, and how much he misses him and worries about him. Veterans and their families will be very proud of this song. Alan captured the point of view very well, and delivered it with such feeling and intensity that it will grab you by the heart. You can feel what the boy in the song feels, and makes you even more grateful for all the veterans and their families.  There has been many people to perform songs about veterans from different points of view, but not many has been able to capture it as well as Alan. Alan is someone who does not let borders stand in his way, he reaches out to all people with music.  This song will reach more than a boy who`s father that has left for war, but also those who`s father has left them sitting at home alone not knowing where their father has gone and hopes that he will return soon.  With his skills as a singer there will be nothing to stand in his way. Alan will be one of those people who`s music never dies. He has the talent and heart that will one day make him a legend.

The creativity he puts in his music is outstanding to say the least. He has a great imagination when it comes to entertaining, but not only in music. Alan and his sister Chris puts on a live show on UStream, that is just awesome. They always have some theme happening in each show. They are very funny, and interact well the the audience. There is a lot of slap stick kind of comedy, and music from both Alan and Chris. They do this show so well that they could easily put on a real TV show with what they do. You can catch them every Friday at 8PM central time on UStream TV, it is always a blast. It takes a real gift to do all the things that Alan does, and we all appreciate Alan sharing that gift with us. Thank you, Alan.