Alan Wheeler “LA’s New Sensation”

Alan Wheeler at stars2come






LA has a new sensation in town, and that is the high energy performer, Alan Wheeler. Alan moved to LA last August from Mexico, where he has made a big name for himself performing all around Monterrey and on TV. Now he is burning up the stages all around the LA area. Alan’s fantastic pop voice, along with his great looks, and high energy that captures the audience, is what LA loves.

Alan has filled his time with training, and preparing for the next level. Since moving to LA he has started studying acting, voice instruction, and dance while attending Beverly Hills High School as a ninth grader. Here just recently Alan won a great prize from Irene Dreayer, executive producer for Disney. She is a career coach for kid talent, and this is a wonderful opportunity for Alan.

Alan has been performing a great deal around LA, but he has not forgotten his fans back in Monterrey. He did go back to Monterrey around Christmas where he held a series of shows. There has always been a great thing about Alan, he has a big heart!  He is reaching out any way that he can to help others. Even with Alan’s busy schedule, he has made time for a series of charity events. He was part of the entertainment at the LA Marathon and the Hollywood Half Marathon. Alan has also been participating with members of “Pulso Pop” who are organizing activities to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Mexico. Alan has now become part of the Dream Team for LA, San Diego, and Las Vegas “Tunes for Tots”.   Tunes for Tots is a great organization that raises money for the Make A Wish Foundation. When Alan was asked to be a part of this organization he did not hesitate to jump on board to help the many kids that have a Wish. This is who Alan is as a person, he is a giver not a taker, and he uses the talent that he was blessed with to put a little hope into someone’s life.

Wherever Alan is performing be sure to catch his show. He is very entertaining and will keep you on your feet throughout his performance. He truly is, LA’s New Sensation!