Alan Wheeler


Alan Wheeler at stars2come Introducing Mexico`s heart throb, Alan Wheeler!  Alan is literally a Rock`n Roll genius, his music is out of this world with the most amazing vocals. Being from Mexico adds a lot to the music. There is something about the Spanish language that adds more flavor and beauty to any song, and Alan proves it. He has such a clean and clear sound, but with a unique tone, and this tone really makes him stand out from the rest.

Alan from Monterrey Mexico, is a singer, actor, and songwriter, and excels at all three. He has had a lot of practice at singing, from the moment he was born he was singing, and everyone in the hospital could hear. With such powerful lungs there was only one road for him to take, and that was music. He soon put these powerful lungs to work performing at festivals when he was about three or four years old for Music Academies, and singing  jingles for radio and TV.  By the time he was eight, he had joined a music group “Los Ruppis” with their own TV show, a sitcom about their band with positive messages for kids and lots of music. This show was broadcast on Mutimedios Television regionally, and on TeleRitmo on all cable networks throughout Mexico.  He had his first solo performance at a mass event celebrating  the International Children`s Day in front of a crowd of more than 5000 people, this was a televised event. He said, he was really nervous before going out on stage, but once he was there it was very exciting. He also got to open the show for Jessy Y Joy for the Bicentennial Celebration in Monterrey, this was a great honor for him to be on the same stage as them.




Alan Wheeler at stars2come Alan has gotten a lot of inspiration from the Beatles and especially Paul McCartney . This legion is who he has listened to for many years. It seems that Paul has rubbed off on Alan, not only is his music sensational, but his writing is coming a long very well. Paul is well know not only for his music, but his writing as well, and Alan is following right behind him. Alan participated in writing a couple of songs on  his  first CD, “Alan Wheeler Prestame Atencion”. Here he helped write the songs “Viernes” and “No Lo Queriamos Creer”, these are truly amazing songs, and he has produced these two songs in English as well. This CD was produced by Neto Grazzia which is now on sale on itunes, and Amazon.

Alan is no stranger to the camera either. He is a great actor and has done a great deal on TV. Before his TV show Los Ruppis, which was 50 episodes,  he appeared in several TV commercials, doing some modeling, and he also has runway experience in modeling. He was in another series “Mision Cumplida. In this series he played the part of David, where he was an expert in video games. Currently he is making appearances on TV singing and doing interviews, and here recent he was on Televisa and Univision. He is getting ready to do a pilot for a program called “Esdrujulo Amor”. He hopes to one day do TV shows and movies for Disney and Nickelodeon. With the way things are going for him, and the drive he has, his dream is sure to come true.

Alan has a true passion for music, he sings all day long, and loves to express himself in music. He loves when people connect with his music and get up and dance. It is a great feeling for him to bring a story to life, and it touches someone, like his song “I For You”, which is a song about a young man that writes a song for his father that is away at war, and tells him how much he means to him and how much he misses him. This song will touch a lot of people.

Alan is just a regular guy who likes to show the world that dreams can come true if we believe in ourselves and fight for what we want, like in his song, “Prestame Atencion”. He wants people to relate to his music and for them to know they have a friend, and will be there when they want to get up and dance even if they are sad. Alan takes his music and acting serious, but does it all because he loves it, and the world is going to love him!