Alani & AC Generation


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Alani is an amazing young lady bringing some great music to everyone straight from Las Vegas. Alani is just nine years old and is already rocking the the mid-west. It was discovered by her parents at about the age of three that she could sing and had a great memory for lyrics no matter how long the song was. Here recently she picked up a great vocal coach, Glenn Williams. She says, he is an amazing teacher, and .  he also works with her little sister as well.

She took her talent to the public at the ripe old age of four, in front of 400 people. She sang, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, in it’s entirety. This was for a private corporate event in Arkansas. Her parents are performers too and they included her in the show. Since then she has done many performances, one of them that she liked was singing the National Anthem in Las Vegas for the Wranglers, Hockey team. This was in front of about 3,500 people. There is another show that she enjoys doing with her sister Avalon, they go to Lewistown in Montana to do a show for the Boys and Girls Club. This shows how caring Alani is, reaching out to help others.  This is part of why she likes singing so much, it is how happy it makes other people.

In early 2010, the band AC Generation was formed. It was originally called My Generation, but through some member changes it is now AC Generation. The band is made up of five kids, Alani – 9 years old lead vocals and keyboard, Avalon – 7 , vocals,  percussion and choreography, Alexey – 8, drums and vocals, Cid – 13, lead keyboards and bass guitar, and Cody – 13, lead guitar and vocals. These five kids form an awesome band with a great vibe. It has a great mixture of sound and vocals that makes them really stand out. Their first original song has been released, “Loves Me, Loves Me Not”, this is a fantastic song written by Alani’s mother, Cristina Walraven. The song was written specifically with Alani and the band in mind. Produced by Michael Cavanaugh.

All members has had some great times performing, and really enjoy being together making some great music. They all differ a bit about what they like, but they are truly just one big family. Alani, loved performing at the Calgary Stampede, because they got to be on the radio, and newspaper. She really loves jamming out with the other band members, and making other people happy. Avalon, really enjoyed performing for the 2011 NASCAR in Las Vegas She says, the stage there was so cool, and a very big audience. She shares a lot of the same feelings as her sister, she loves performing with the other band members, and is always ready to help others. Cody he also loved the Stampede, because they got to play for ten days straight, and was his first time outside the US. He loves to be able to play with other musicians his own age and creating new songs. Cody says, that anyone that gets bullied like he does at school, you can still follow your dreams. Cid says, performing at the Jazz Festival  2011, in Long Beach, was cool, there were thousands of people, and was accompanied by a large ensemble of other musicians. He loves being part of the band, he says, it is great to be able to socialize and play with other members, music is his life!. For Alexey, the Phillipino Festival of 2011 in Las Vages was her favorite performance because she loved the stage and the big audience. She loves being the drummer, and many times it feels like she has her own stage when she is on the drum-raiser. Alexey says, that even though she is a girl, she can rock out too!.

These are some amazing kids, who has gotten together doing something they each love. They have become a great team, and friends. The band practices regular for anything that might come along. They are hoping to be able to take things to the next level. With the music they are creating, it would be no surprise to see them on TV not long from now. Anytime you work as a team, and have fun doing it, then amazing things certainly will happen.