Alanna Rene


 Pure country is the best way to describe Alanna. At age thirteen she has a pure and clean voice fitting nicely in her music. She does a fantastic job on all her music but there is one thing that really stands out and that is her covers of Loretta Lynn. I think that is because Alanna is about the same age as when Loretta started,  putting Alanna`s tone in her voice very close to Loretta`s. I know Loretta would be very proud to have Alanna covering her songs.

 Alanna`s dedication to her music and her parents unwavering support is astounding to say the least. Living in Louisiana they alternate traveling every couple months going to Tennessee and Texas for performances. The reason I say it`s astounding is that,  many do not have this dedication and remain local , not giving themselves the exposure they need.  She travels to Texas regularly performing on the Opry circuit. Once hitting Tennessee she leaves no stone unturned Alanna is from one end of the state to the other performing and from what I can see people loves her every where.  She got to perform for the first time at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge Tennessee she performed there for the North American Country Music Association International . When in Nashville she performs at the World Famous Nashville Palace. Coming this September she will be performing for the third year in a row in Memphis at the Delta Fair and Music Festival.  Alanna is on the road a lot just like any big star would be and it takes this kind of dedication and determination to succeed in full filling ones dreams. Where many have become stars from YouTube , she is not relying on this, she keeps herself out in the public eye. There may be many who travel YouTube to seek out their favorite performers there are still many who do not. So this makes for a perfect strategy for Alanna.

 Where Alanna may travel performing on stage she , is no stranger to TV. She performs regular on the television show Nashville Spotlight which it airs several times per week . On Nashville Spotlight Alanna has also hosted her own show. Hosting her own show could very well help push her to the top. Billy Gilman hosted his own show at about her age it really helped him a lot in his career. How ever I believe Alanna is going to be far bigger than Billy. Alanna is likely to grow to be as big as Carrie Underwood. She certainly has everything it takes to get her there.  She has recently been named Entertainer of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year by the South Carolina Country Gospel Music Association.

 She has been in the recording studio and made a couple demo CD`s.  She has some originals written for her and is very anxious to begin recording those. Like any great performer she is beginning to write some of her own material ( I can`t wait to hear them ). I know Alanna will have a great future ahead and at age thirteen that is not a problem in country music,  there has been many who has gone on to be stars early in life from,  Loretta Lynn to Taylor Swift. Age has not been a factor in country music.  I think that is the innocence in younger girls voices , the purity it gives the song , that allows them to stand out at a younger age in country music. I know there are many who would like to see her perform as,  would I.  A couple more places you may catch her at is in August she will be performing at the Hard Rock in New Orleans , Louisiana and will be performing for the third year on the pregame show of the Liberty Bowl , these will be some great opportunities to see her.