Alessandra Cowan

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Alessandra, what a brilliant young lady. This girl has so much character and personality that you cannot help, but love her performances. Alessandra is the perfect candidate for Disney. Disney is where she belongs. Alessandra has the imagination that is the foundation of Disney, and would make a great addition to the Disney family.

This wonderful young lady is eight years old, but she performs like she has been doing it her whole life; and she almost has. Alessandra’s parents recognized her love of music when she was just two years old. At two Alessandra’s memory was excellent. She would sing a song over and over on one day, and the next, she knew the lyrics. It was because of the YouTube karaoke songs, that Alessandra learned to read by age three.

In 2011 Alessandra was five years old when she began singing and dancing her way into people’s hearts. She was part of a dance group and was to perform, Cowboy Sweetheart and by the time they were to perform, everyone was shocked to learn she could yodel. Alessandra performed at the El Campanil theater in Antioch, California as a dancer, but because of her vocal talent, she was also a special guest singer/yodeler.  Alessandra has been leaving people in amazement of what she can do, and all that she has accomplished. There seems to be no song she cannot do, Alessandra has taken on great artists like Alicia Keys, Katy Perry and Beyonce.

Alessandra Cowan at stars2come  Since Alessandra started performing she has always impressed everyone, and it was no different in 2013 at IPOP (International Presentation Of Performers). She loved performing at IPOP, there were over 1,000 people in attendance. Once again people were shocked to discover Alessandra could yodel and won 2013 IPOP Singer of the Year. Another performance she loved was at the very beginning of her career when she sang with her brother.

Alessandra does sing and dance very well, but she is also an actress. She will be appearing in a TV show this fall called The Andre Show. Alessandra does not have the principal role, but will be one of the kids on the show. She has also done a commercial for Intel which is not released yet and has done a print job for California Academy of Sciences.

Alessandra hopes to be a popular singer and to be on Disney. With all of Alessandra’s talents her dreams are just around the corner. When she performs it makes her happy and excited, she just simply loves it. She always loves after a performance when people come and congratulate her.

Singing is certainly a big part of who Alessandra is and when she sings it does not matter who she covers, if she likes the song, she sings it. Alessandra does wish she could sing Halo live with Beyonce.

Alessandra wants everyone to know she wants to be known as a singer and actress. She says she is special because God blessed her with a lot of talents, sing, dance, act, voice overs and a comedian. Alessandra uses all of her talents very well.

The world of entertainment is a big place and the right place for Alessandra is Disney. Alessandra would be amazing anywhere, but her imagination and talents is Disney. She knows there is a star out there just for her and she will reach it. When someone turns on the television or goes to the theater, they are looking to be entertained and that is exactly what you get with Alessandra, she is an entertainer. No matter what performance you watch she leaves a lasting impression on you and the biggest smile ever. Alessandra has many videos, stop by and watch them, she will have you entertained all day, Alessandra YouTube.