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Alex is one of the finest young pop artist to hit the stage. He brings a lot of great energy to his songs, and performances. He also carries everything  the music industry loves in young pop artists,  cool, up-beat, fun and a great sound. At twelve years old he is getting right in the age range for boys to be signed, and you can bet it will not be too far down the road before a major label picks him up. One of his originals, “Shine” is a great example of how great a pop artist he is, and it is very up-beat. The song is about our ability to brighten other people’s lives by the love we show them. This is only one of his ten original songs, and you can bet they are all amazing.

Alex started off singing around the age of four. His brother was already taking voice lessons and Alex thought it looked like fun, so by the age of five he was right there taking lessons too. He discovered his love of performing after his kindergarten variety show. At the show he sang, Ozzy Ozborne’s “Crazy Train”, his mom dressed him up in a long wig with round sunglasses, and everybody loved it.  Alex says, one of his favorite performances was at the Hatboro Carnival. After the show there were tons of kids waiting to get his autograph. This truly made him feel like a real, “rock star”! Another great performance that he did was in Punta Cuna at The Hard Rock Hotel. This was during spring break and there were thousands of people at the resort, and once the last song was sung, the crowd cheered for one more song in Spanish.

Alex really like the group, Linkin Park. He says, he loves how they combine rock, rap, and pop and make it work with two lead singers. They happened to be the first concert he ever went to. Some of his other favorite artists are, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Elton John, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, and Eminem.  He loves how singing makes people feel different emotions. He says, the energy you get from a audience can be intense.

His goal in music is to share his music with the world and have some fun doing it. Alex does love to sing, but he is a regular kid who loves to spend time with family and friends and live life to the fullest. He said, ” Life is a ride and we’re on this rollercoaster so hang on tight, you never know where it takes us”. Alex is a wonderful pop artist with a very bright future. He is also part of the SaftyBratz team. Be sure to keep your eye on Alex, there are a lot of great things to come.