Alex Wunder

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Alex is a wonderful new star coming out of Ohio. He is a great vocalist who is breathing life back into many of the old classics. Alex does sing current songs as well, but he finds great pleasure performing the older songs and putting his own spin to them. When it comes to the classics, the older generation truly loves hearing these songs, but Alex is finding that once his generation hears them, they like them just as much. He recently found out just how much people likes the music he sings when he won Ohio’s Got Talent. This competition lasted three nights, and his first performance that landed him into the finals he sang, “How Am I Suppose To Live Without You” by Michael Bolton. Then for the finals he sang a medley of 60’s and 70’s songs. He says this was an amazing experience and one he will never forget.

Alex does enjoy the songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s and a lot of this comes from his dad who use to be a DJ when he was in college. His dad has hundreds of albums and they are what Alex grew up listening to. When ever he is looking for a new song to cover he often finds himself looking to songs from those eras. He started off singing in public when he was five at a high school festival where they had karaoke. The DJ for this didn’t want him to hold the mic, he thought Alex would drop it, but when he started to sing, the DJ pushed him out into center stage. Alex said there were a lot of high school students there and were cheering him on, he really liked it and he knew then he wanted to become a singer.

When someone has great talent people do recognize it and often the one’s with the talent do have great things that happen and that has held true for Alex. He not only won first place for Ohio’s Got talent, but also won first in Mason Idol. He got to sing the National Anthem for the sold out 8200 seat Dayton Dragons game, and last month he sang Ave Maria in Latin at a wedding. When he was in the 7th grade the high school choir director asked him to be in  a high school play. Alex was cast as Colin in the, “Secret  Garden” and in the 8th grade he played Gavroche in “Les Miserables”. All performances were accompanied by the high school orchestra, Les Miserables sold out 800 seats three out of four performances. It is evident that Alex has captured the attention of many people and they love all that he does. This past summer he participated in a three week, Lovewell Institute SummerStock Teen Productions Camp, at the Human Race Theater in Dayton Ohio. While there they wrote their own musical, including the script and music in three weeks and got to perform it to a live audience at the Loft Theater in Dayton Ohio.

Alex loves the feeling he gets when he is on stage, it is like he is a different person and free to express himself. He likes seeing people’s expressions during his performances, he knows he is making them feel good and happy. He wants to be the best he can be in anything he does, especially music. After each performance whether he wins or not he goes back and listens for mistakes to learn what he did wrong, and making sure to correct them for the next time. Now this is a winning attitude to have, if many others would follow this method they too would grow bigger and better in anything they do.  He wants music to be in his life forever, because music is a big part of his life. Alex is a hard worker and is dedicated to his music.

This past weekend his school sponsored the largest Acapella Festival in the country, 32 groups from schools from four states. His school has two groups, “Eleventh Hour” (10-11-12th graders) and “Fusion” (9-12th graders) and performed prior to the professional acapella group from Nashville (Delilah). In early December he will be performing at the 27th Annual Rock for Tots and Charity Auction. Then in mid December he will be performing in a Christmas Concert as part of a fund raising project to help build a library in Belize. Also in December he will start performing the National Anthem for the girls varsity home basketball games at his high school.

Alex is just a remarkable young man and at just fourteen years old. He has such a great future ahead of him, he is one artist that will be around for a long time to come. He has the desire and determination that makes great performers. Alex has lot of the same characteristics as Jack Vidgen, the winner of last years Australian’s Got Talent, and Alex will rise just as high here in the US, to where Alex Wunder becomes a household name. Don’t miss a thing that Alex does!