Alexa Lusader


alexa  Lusader at stars2come Alexa has got one of the sweetest voices I have heard. Once you hear her sing , you will never forget the sincerity that she has in her music. She gets all the emotions and feelings in her songs. Alexa wants you to experience the meaning , of every word. Every time I write about someone I learn more and more about how talented people can be and Alexa is certainly at the top.  Alexa is singing ” Crazy ” by Patsy Cline and I have never heard anyone perform this song with so much feeling since Patsy. This is the top of the line performance.

 Alexa has been singing her whole life. At three years old she would go around singing  ” Don’t Cry for me Argentina ” to her parents , she says , she was a loud! kid.  She began singing lessons at seven years old with Mary Irvine and loves it. Alexa also plays piano and taking lessons for that as well. She tried to write some of her own songs , she started out writing little songs when she was younger , but she says , they were terrible . Then she got  with a producer Jeff LaDuke and he said,  she needed to learn to write. One of the songs she came up with was ” Mr. Trouble ” . To me this title sounded like boy friend problems , so I asked , she said ,  that it was her friend having boy trouble. Her friend was telling her about the trouble she was having with a boy , then the melody popped in her head. At first it was a fast paced rock style melody then took a turn and went a different route. The song is about how the boy was really good to her friend , then she discovered who he really was and could not be with him.

alexa Lusader at stars2come

  Alexa now perfers doing original songs , but when she does do covers she likes the older style like Patsy Cline and Beatles. She is thinking on doing something more current that everyone knows.  For me I like her sound with the older stuff  and it is apparent that the older stlye is in her blood.  The originals she produces has that older style coming out in them and this will keep her standing out from the rest. I hope she doesn`t change a thing.  I love what she does with her music.

 She has done a few competitions through a dance studio. Her biggest award was from doing a song called ” Castle on a Cloud ” which she won first place and top performer. Right now she has one EP with four original songs and will have a new EP coming out soon. This is what she intends to work on for a while. She says, that she has many songs already written and would like to try and get some of them produced. According to  the songs she is currently putting out , I can not wait for the new ones. Alexa makes wonderful music and I am sure super star is in her future.   She is as normal as all teen girls hanging out with friends , shopping and laying by the pool.  Alexa hopes that she can inspire people with her music , changing lives and helping people . Of coarse she does hope to make it big with her song writing and music , and from what I can hear she will be very big. I know I am a big fan already and will be for a long time to come. I am very impressed with her music…..The player below is only playing her originals I hope you enjoy them as much as I do..