Alexandra Cseke

Alexandra Cseke at stars2come





Alexandra has an amazingly powerful voice, and when she is ready to let it fly in a song, it truly soars to great heights. She shows this off very well in one of her songs, “Tomorrow”. She begins nice and slow and soft, then all of a sudden here comes that great power of hers, and takes it to the stars, it was beautifully executed. This little starlit with this big voice is only nine years old. Alexandra certainly has Broadway in her future.

Alexandra has come along from the earlier years where she was singing along with the Disney Princess songs. She had her first performance on stage at school after a play the teacher had. She has now been involved in several musicals, in 2010 she played, Molly in “Annie” this got her start in theater and she loves it. She has gone on to play in, “Charley and the Chocolate Factory”, “No Place Like Home” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” just to name a few. She also competed in a singing contest for,  Habitat for Humanity in 2011. She says, she loves the rush of being in a pressured situation to compete.  In the spring of this year she has a great honor of singing for a feature film, then in June she will be part of a cabaret in Philadelphia. Her big voice has already taken her many places, and soon will take her to her dreams.

Alexandra loves to perform and everyone loves to hear her. Tim Quall, likes her  so well he has had her on his TV show two times already. She says, she loves watching people’s reaction to such a big voice coming from a nine year old. She hopes to take that big voice of hers to Broadway, there is no doubt that she will be there. Not only does she have that great voice of hers going for her, but she is incredible with the expressions and theatrics that is needed to be a great Broadway star.  Alexandra does not limit herself to only singing, she can do a whole lot more. She is into dancing, she takes ballet, jazz and tap.  She also takes acting lessons, vocal theater and she is a part of her choir in school. Alexandra has many wonderful abilities and they all fit in perfectly for Broadway. She is a true rising star.