Alexandra Marra

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Alexandra at only thirteen years old and has one incredibly beautiful voice with a maturity well beyond her years.  There are many styles of music, but opera is the music of beauty and wonder and Alexandra is perfect for bringing more of this beauty to the world. If you listen to her,  she will give you chills from the beginning to the end. For someone to do this it takes more than talent, it takes the love of music in your heart, and the brilliance to deliver it, and Alexandra is this person.

Everyone can give thanks to her piano teacher for asking her to sing one day when she was in the second grade. This gave us the beauty of Alexandra. After she sang for her teacher, her parents were informed that Alexandra had great potential, and she has been singing ever since. She started performing at age nine, she sang for the Vietnamese Association at a restaurant in  Fort Lauderdale. Then a few months later she sang Ava Maria at Acension Catholic Church for Christmas Eve mass. Since this started she has been singing everywhere including festivals, fairs, civic centers, and theaters. Alexandra really enjoyed singing at Dean Anthony’s with Franco Corso. She didn’t expect to sing when she walked in, but she ended up singing three opera songs, and the response from the audience was overwhelming. Her favorite performance was when she sang at the Borland Center concert to benefit Alzheimer’s. This was her first concert and she was singing with her grandmother (who has this) in mind and heart.

Alexandra’s great  voice won her First Runner Up at the 2011 Stars of the Future contest and was the finalist at their 2010 contest. Alexandra owes  a lot of her great accomplishments to her opera coach, Diane McWhorter. She says, without her she would have never known what she was capable of. She also gains a lot of inspiration from Josh Groban, Jackie Evancho, and Sarah Billington. Just like the people who inspire her, she  loves being on stage.  The stage is her, “home”. She says, it feels so natural for her to sing for others, and when she hears the applause from the audience she feels so happy and proud. Alexandria hopes to one day become famous with her singing and then go on to pursue a career in medicine or have her own animal or environmental reality show. She has worked very hard to be the best singer she can be, and she says, her work is  not over yet. Alexandra is a person that is dedicated and persistent and don’t let rejections or disappointments hinder her in any way.

Alexandra is a fantastic singer and is doing everything she can to reach her goal, but yet she is a very rounded person. She has a lot of great interests outside of singing that she enjoys. She loves riding horses, snow skiing, taking care of her animals and garden. She is also very creative and she takes this creativity to create wax sculptures and drawings, she has even designed and built her own terrarium and fish tank. All of these things shows just how creative Alexandra is, and it is all this that helps make her a brilliant opera singer. It takes great creativity to make a real artist and that is exactly what Alexandra is, a true “artist”.