Alexandru at stars2come




Alexandru is a remarkable young man. What he does with music is outstanding, he has a great full sound to his vocals and uses them to perfection. He is a true joy to listen to and watch, he brings so much to his performances. He brings a lot of expression, and drama thru all his great hand gestures, and facial, all these things help with telling the story in a song and Alexandru does it very well.

His mom knew when he was very young that she had something very special. She discovered that he was musically inclined when he would take the wooden spoons from the kitchen drawer and beat them in time on his walker with the music that was playing. She said, that as early as one year he was charming people singing in the shopping cart. At an early age he also developed a interest in the piano, and when he was two, he got his very first mini keyboard. He would have a full show of children’s songs, and his parents enjoyed all of it, he would often do this several times a week, with his seemingly endless repertoire.  His music would gradually become more intricate, with pieces from classics like John Strauss. Now because of his love for performing he is often asked to sing or play the piano in various local events. He says, music makes people happy and he wants to be part of it. There is no worries about making people happy with his music, he makes music a real joy to listen to.

He first started out performing at age six together with other children at his music school. He continues to study at this same school where takes singing and piano lessons. He really enjoyed performing at the National Center of Handwork, where he sang the Norwegian song, “Mokkamannen”. More recently he sang “Hurt” at the Rennebu church. He liked performing at these places, and he said, he got a lot of positive feedback from them.

Alexandru, simply just likes to sing, and loves how it makes people so happy. He has his own way to convey music, and it comes across very well. After listening to him, it is hard to wait for another new song, you just want it to keep going non-stop. Alexandru is going to be one of those artists, that just takes your breath away every time he steps out on stage. He has the kind of voice that will add beauty to anything he sings. After hearing and watching his newest video where he is singing, O Holy Night, it is clear that with a large orchestra behind him, he truly stands out. In this song there is one word that says it all about Alexandru and his singing and that is, “divine” . What ever direction he does go with music, one thing is for sure it will be a pure pleasure to listen to.