Alexia Urtoi

Alexia Urtoi at stars2come






It is great to see so much great talent coming out of Romania, and Alexia is another one of these talents.  This young lady can handle it all, singing, dancing, acting, piano, and drums, and fantastic at them all. Alexia hopes to be on Disney Channel someday and she is working hard to get there and gaining high awards getting there. This year so far has won Minigrand Prix Trophy – Eurostars contest Malta, also Champion of the World Division winner vocal and AC piano World Championships of performing arts Hollywood (LA), as well as vocal and AC drums, 2 Gold Medals and 4 Silver World Championships of performing arts Hollywood (LA). Alexia is just amazing winning so many great awards and this is only a small part of her accomplishments.

Alexia is now 10 years old, but her singing career started at the age of five in kindergarten. In just a short five years she is now the host on TV shows in Romania. These shows include “Land of Piticot”  TVR lasi, and “Music for Kids” 2010 and 2011, plus many other shows, she is really making a big name for herself. She said, she wants to be the best that she can be. Alexia is certainly working hard at what she does, and it shows with each song she performs. One of her goals is to show other kids that anyone can succeed if they really want it. Alexia is a great role model for other kids.

In the future she wants to write her own songs, but for now she enjoys singing covers from, Queen, Demi Lovato, RHCP and the Beatles. She mostly sings pop, but she also likes rock and hip-hop, if she likes it she sings it. Singing is her life and makes a wonderful world for her. When Alexia performs on stage she feels like a Disney Channel Star. She wants to be known all over the world.

Lately she has started performing with her own band called, BigBoys. They are 4 boys age 14-17. Alexia and her band are preparing for shows to be held at high schools. Next year she expects to release her first album with all original songs. You can bet this will be a great album. Alexia is a great singer and someone you need to keep an eye on. She is rising quickly and you do not want to miss her journey.