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Now here is one great pianist and vocalist. Introducing Alexis Barreto, a wonderful young lady who loves singing and the piano. The piano gives a very refreshing sound to many favorite covers that are usually done by track or guitar. No matter what the song is, the piano always adds a bit off beauty to it, and Alexis does it very well.

Alexis started singing about the age of twelve, and has not stopped since. She works a lot with songs, and other artists that she knows. Her dad is a professional singer as well, and enjoys working with him very much. Her first performances came at various school functions and concerts in Switzerland. She has also won several awards for her music.  Alexis loves music, this is where she can express her feelings about current events and issues.  The best thing about it all is doing the recordings, concerts, and of coarse creating and writing music. When she gets this all done and can see the end result, this makes her very happy. Alexis writes her own lyrics and then puts the melodies together with her piano. She has about a dozen written so far, and they are all very special to her. She gets her ideas from every aspect of life. She hopes to enjoy life  and see the world thru music. She is very dedicated and serious about her music, and it shows very well.

Just like most music lovers, she enjoys all types of music and going out to various concerts. When she is not singing, she loves to act and dance. Alexis is a wonderful person who enjoys all aspects of the entertainment field. With her dedication she is sure to make her mark on the industry, and bring a lot of joy to many people along the way. Her passion for what she does is unending, this is something all artists need to have in order to succeed. Alexis has many great qualities and these will take her where she wants to go in life. Keep an eye on her because you can bet there will be many great things to come.