Alexis Chapa “La Voz Kids”


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Alexis is one amazing singer and this small town girl from Texas found herself front and center of a huge stage on La Voz Kids, and she rocked it! On the show she sang, “I Knew You Were Trouble” and she got a great response from the judges with all three turning their chairs around and the crowd going crazy. Alexis did an amazing job on this song and even before the judges turned around you could see them jamming to the song. This was a very exciting day for Alexis one she will not forget. She said her experience on La Voz Kids was overall amazing! She also said that being on that stage she felt a feeling she had never felt before, knowing that she only needed just for one chair to turn around a and that alone could change her life, and she got three. Even though this was all exciting, it was also nerve-wracking for her as well.   Alexis never thought a small-town girl like her would get such a great opportunity. Unfortunately her time on the show ended in the battle rounds. Being on the show  she did make some great friends like, Iris, Axel, and Jaswiry and they still talk with each other today.  Alexis and her friends really know what support is, with being a competition they were not against each other they were cheering one another on hoping that each made it to the next round. Even though she did not make it past the battle rounds she is very proud of what she had accomplished.

Alexis is an amazing singer and she done really well on La Voz Kids, but when it came to trying to remember when she started singing she couldn’t very well but, her mother has videos of her singing, or trying to sing in diapers. In some of these videos her mom has she is singing songs like, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “A Whole New World” from the Aladdin. She didn’t even know the words, but she was singing anyway. Over time many artists have inspired her on her journey like Carrie Underwood who came from a small town too. She also idolizes Beyonce for being so determined,  hardworking and confident. Alexis says that these artists inspire her to hopefully she can inspire others herself just like her idols did for her.

Well not long after getting out of diapers she was on stage. Alexis made her first public performance at the age of four at her elementary school’s talent show. At that time Lizzie McGuire Movie with Hillary Duff had just come out and she was obsessed with the song , “What Dreams Are Made Of”. She said she walked out on that stage wearing a cute white dress and ruffled socks along with two back-up dancers and she did her thing. After this she learned that she loved it and has been doing it ever since.

Alexis really has done a lot since her beginning with some great performances. One of these performances is one she did at Disney World Epcot. They had not gone to the park to perform they were there just to have fun. They were passing through a Mexico themed section of the park and they passed a mariachi band, so her dad gets the idea to go talk to them and before you knew it she was there singing a very popular mariachi song called, “La Charreade” with the band.

Alexis Chapa at stars2come After La Voz Kidz she spent most of her summer in Houston Texas writing and recording her first CD. The name of her CD is, “Rise Again” which was produced by Arcadio Narvaez. This CD came to be with the help of her sister, Rita Chapa and they had managed to write seven songs and it was all done in a month. Alexis debuted her CD Rise Again in Port Lavaca, Texas and it was an amazing experience for her to share her songs live to the public for the first time. She says the younger crowd loved it! This is an amazing thing for not just Alexis, but for her sister Rita as well. They created this entire CD themselves, their words their thoughts. Alexis says they work together a lot and usually comes out better than if one does it alone. One of the songs that is very special to her is the title song, “Rise Again” the reason is, is she was very sad about not being on the show. When she began writing she had only one thought on her mind at the time not giving up and this became the main theme of the song. With this song she wanted to give the feeling like it does not matter how many times you stumble and fall you get up and try again. I’ve stumbled, I’ve fallen, but wont give up, these three phrases sum up her life’s story and means so much to her. She hopes they mean something to others as well. There are no worries every person can relate to this everyone has stumbled at some point, and it is those who get up and keep going that succeeds just like Alexis.

Alexis does great no matter if she is singing her song or covers and people always like it. When she is out performing covers she likes all types, but her favorite artist is Carrie Underwood. Alexis sings everything from soft rock, pop, hip hop, and even country there is no end to the love of music that she has. No matter what she just gets a big thrill when she is on stage it is like nothing else matters at that point in time. Her great talents are taking her places and opening doors for her as well. Alexis has been accepted into the IDA program in Miami which is an artist development program. This program gives mentors to the artist to learn, write and record with and one of these mentors is the great Rudy Perez who is Billboard Magazine’s “Producer of the Decade”.  Alexis will have four mentors helping her write, recording and performing this song and after it is finished IDA will put it on radio in Miami and her hometown. There will also be a concert where there will be representatives from record labels looking for new talent. If this was not enough it will also be televised, but the channel has not been released yet. This is a great opportunity for any artist, and Alexis is going to be right there showing everyone just what she is made of.

Alexis might be just a 15-year-old girl from a small town, but one thing is certain there is nothing small about her talent and it is growing larger everyday. She has a great attitude toward her talents and goals in life and no matter what happens she is going to do everything she can to be the person she wants to be. You can bet there will be a lot of great things coming from Alexis, just keep the radio on and one day you will be driving down the road and there she will be!