Alexis Gregorie

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The country has a new big and beautiful voice rising up and it is ten year old Alexis Gregorie. If you did not watch her videos and only listened, you would not expect a ten year old to be singing, but once you do look it is pure amazement to see someone so small with such a beautiful and powerful voice. Alexis is one of those people that you could listen to all day and never grow tired of listening. Her cover of, “The Rose” was done with perfection and beauty. In the video she is very well composed and elegant, and she became, The Rose. “Beautiful”!

Alexis made her first debut performance when she was five years old for fifty some people at her church. She sang accepella and received many encouraging words and shortly after she began private vocal lessons. From here she has grown to be pure beauty as a person and vocalist. She has been enjoying performing all she can and one of the performances that she like really well was at her last music recital in January 2012. She enjoyed this one because they had some great song choices. Her singing gained a lot of energetic  applause  from the audience. She said, she was very proud of herself for all the hard work she put in to it. Alexis also enjoyed her jazz dance class performance this past summer. She really liked the choreography and the performance was at a local, Center for the performing Arts. She said this was quite  exciting. Alexis has achieved a lot, and has received eight certificates of awards from her music school recitals.

Alexis really likes Adele because her songs are very diverse and she is very talented. There are several others that she likes as well, Leona Lewis, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, Andea Bocelli. She has an excellent taste in music, and listening to great artists as these, will be great inspiration. She also understands the idea in singing songs that many do not understand. She says it is not always easy to pick a song to cover because  the deep adult emotions is hard for a ten year old to make others believe.

Alexis does love to sing and works at it always. She sings all the time even if she is not practicing whether it is at home or school, it doesn’t matter she just sings. She is happy when she is singing and she feels even happier when she receives applauds. It makes her very happy when she is able to touch someone with her music. She says, she has even seen people teary eyed when she sings. It takes a true artist that can bring the emotion out in a song to bring tears to someone’s eyes, and Alexis is just that. She is looking forward to her next cover recording and the creativity around the video. Alexis would like to become a professional singer and perhaps write her own songs.

She is a curious and creative girl with lots of interests. She loves arts, science, nature and animals. She enjoys pencil sketching and oil painting.  Her creativity not only comes out in her music, but also in other areas. Alexis designs dresses and is now learning to sew. She also loves to bake and has a cooking video up in her special chefs outfit. There is so much to her with an abundance of abilities that will carry her anywhere she wants to go in life, and it will be great to watch her get there. Be sure to stop by her YouTube channel regular so you do not miss anything she does. What a beautiful voice!