Aliyah Moulden

Aliyah Moulden at stars2come

Aliyah is one of the most brilliant vocalists you will find coming up today. Her voice  is geared for contemporary pop, she could easily hold her own with people like Alicia Keys or  Christina Aguilera. Her vocal range is beyond most and she uses that range very effectively. On top of all of that, she has the looks to go with it; gorgeous. Aliyah belongs in front of a camera.

The journey for Aliyah has had many great experiences and opportunities. At the age of eight is when it all began. She started out singing at several showcases weekly for about a year. When she turned nine Aliyah performed at a charity event to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club of La Habra. It was a large event with over 300 people in attendance. At the age of ten she had the opportunity to showcase at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia with Disney celebrities like, Caroline Sunshine from, Shake It Up. “It was really scary because there were over 1000 people for the show, but when I finished  performing it felt great” says Aliyah. Then moving on into age thirteen she found herself performing with American Idol finalist, Todrick Hall and for platinum singer, Jessie McCartney.

While Aliyah loves all her shows, she does have a couple that stands out to her. Performing with Todrick was definitely one of those. “The audience was one of the most diverse of all the shows I have ever done. People were not afraid to scream, jump, and yell. It felt like a giant family” says Aliyah.  Her performance for the Children s Hospital Los Angeles Blood Drive was another she enjoyed doing. She found this to be a touching event. “I met so many children and teens with many health problems. Some of those kids became my friends, I added them to my Instagram, and we still stay in contact” Aliyah says.

Aliyah has done well with singing. She was a semi finalist twice for the Kidz Bop Kidzstar USA Contest. Aliyah won a scholarship from the Broadway Dream Foundation to attend a summer program. At this program she received lessons from Broadway voice coach Tituss Burgess and from Spencer Liff Broadway Choreographer. She was also awarded the lead role in the Broadway Dream Foundation’s production of, Beautiful.

A microphone is no stranger to  Aliyah, but neither is the camera. There is a good chance you have seen her on TV on Disney Channel’s, Jessie. On this show she was Luke Ross’s arm candy in an episode. Also she had the lead role in a short film called, Confined. She was the mean girl Chandra. On top of all of that, you can also find her in Pharrell’s famous video, Happy. Aliyah was a dancer in the video. “Pharrell’s video was another awesome experience” says Aliyah.

Performing gives Aliyah the opportunity to go places and meet people. “When I perform I get to meet so many great people and I love sharing moments with them” Aliyah says. When it comes down to it performing is the best part, when she sings it is like being transported to a different place for Aliyah. At her performances one of the artists she likes to cover is Adele. “I really enjoy covering her songs because she is an amazing singer with an incredible voice” Aliyah says. Her favorite songs are those that have a message, and Adele’s songs always have a message to share.

Writing songs is a skill great artist have to master, and Aliyah has already started writing. She has written over fifty so far. One of the songs was produced when she was eleven year old called, Invincible. This song is special to her because she was going through a hard time in school, so through writing this song she was able to vent. “I hope that song helps other kids who are going through a hard time” says Aliyah. She has a new song she is getting ready to write for a new single that should be ready by summer.

When it comes down to it, Aliyah just absolutely loves to sing. Every performance she does, she hopes her music is able to touch people the way music touches her. Aliyah has many performances already booked this year, be sure to attend one or all of them, she will be one that you will not forget. She will be performing at, One Is Rockin a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Another is for the Los Angeles Hospital Children’s Blood Drive. Aliyah is looking forward to performing here, this is where she gets to meet so many special people who are living very difficult situations. Plus many local events.

A voice like Aliyah possess is one no one should miss out hearing. Her abilities will take her places only a very few get to venture. Not far down the road you will turn on a radio or TV and someone will be talking about Aliyah and her newest single and how it has touched so many. This is coming!

Take a listen to Aliyah’s rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, what a great performance.