Alli Carter

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Alli Wade Carter is a very talented, and beautiful girl from Seattle. She always does a great job with her performances and brings out the feelings in a song very well. She hopes to one day be an actress that also sings. It is easy to imagine her on Disney, she has a great face that belongs there  and they would be lucky to have her.  She says her ideal blend  would be a mix between Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence.

It was obvious early on that she must be going to be a singer when she grew up. When Alli was a baby in Gymboree class she was that one the would never be quiet. At age three she was already going around singing, Alli would sing Ella Fitzgerald`s “A Tisket a Tasket” to anyone that would listen.  When Alli turned five she began performing in small theater productions. At age six she auditioned for the Seattle Girls’ Choir, which she ended up performing with a few times per year. From this start Alli has grown so much in music and that has taken to bigger things. One of these bigger things to happen with Alli also happens to be one of her favorite performances was when her band got to perform twice at the Key Arena before the Seattle Storm games (professional women’s basketball). One of the performances was at a play off game for a very large crowd. She even got to sing the National Anthem. This event also got Alli and her band a spot on TV. Her band was featured on a news segment called Eric`s Little Heroes. They interviewed all of them, and then filmed them rehearsing and again at the Seattle Storms game. She said it was awesome!

Alli just loves music. She likes the way it lets you express yourself and how it makes her feel very happy and see how her music affects other people. Her music certainly does affect people her wonderful makes you feel happy anytime you listen. When it comes to singing nature is what inspires her. She loves all the colors and animals, outside is where she truly loves to be. She says, she is not very girly and loves to do new things that challenge her.

Alli has also been writing a lot of songs, but has not put any to music yet. She says she has not shared them with anyone yet, not even her mom. Alli is doing a lot of great things, and one of the newest is her joining the Seattle Tunes for Tots dream team to raise money for the Make A Wish foundation. She is another great artist that is putting her great talent to use helping others. Alli is fantastic girl that is amazingly talented and a wonderful personality to go with it. Any chance you get please stop by and watch her performances and once you do you will be hooked.