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There is a phrase, “eyes can be deceiving” this holds true with Alyssa. In December 2012, she walked on stage at the Nashville Palace, and Alyssa no bigger than a minute, you think this will be cute, but that is about it. Then she begins to sing and all of that changes to, “WOW”!, you think how can such a wonderful voice come from someone so small, but she is amazing. Alyssa is someone who proves size does not matter, she can rock it out or touch your heart. She doesn’t just sing, Alyssa puts on a great stage performance, her movements on stage are that of a seasoned pro. Alyssa is very entertaining, videos do not do her justice she is someone you need to see live and when you do, you will be filled with amazement and joy. At twelve years old she may be small, but there is nothing small about her talents.

People got their first look at how amazing Alyssa is in 2006 when she stepped on stage for the first time in public with her  debut performance in a Broadway Jr. production of, Alice In Wonderland in upstate New York with a community theater group called, SYFI when she was six years old. This performance was only the beginning for Alyssa. One of her most memorable performances was when she played Tinkerbell in the Broadway Jr. production of Peter Pan. This was her first big role and because of this she discovered how much she really liked singing and acting. She also loved performing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta in May of 2011, and the Nashville Palace for the Nashville Spotlight Christmas showcase this past December. This was her first trip to Nashville and she said it was, awesome! She really had an amazing time in Nashville, she started off with a photo shoot, then performed at the Nashville Palace, attended a workshop help by Linda Davis, and then met up with some friends to tour the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. When asked what she thought of her trip, she said, “all I can say is WOW!!!

Alyssa’s big talents has gone on to earn her many great awards. In 2011 and 2012 she earned the OBCMAI Female Entertainer of the Year-New Country (7-12) and Most Promising Female Vocalist-New Country for the State of Florida. She then went on to earn the National/International titles at the NACMAI of 2012, Most Promising Female Entertainer of the Year-New Country and the Horizon Award Female Vocalist of the Year-New Country. Also in 2012 she earned the OBCMAI Female Entertainer of the Year-New Gospel and Female Vocalist-New Gospel, she will go on to compete in March of 2013 at NACMAI.

Alyssa likes that her singing gives her confidence to believe in herself and to achieve her goals and dreams. She does love to sing, and likes very much covering Katie Perry songs because she says she can relate to them very well. She says stardom is a dream, but she just wants to entertain and make people happy. Alyssa does do this very well. At the Nashville Palace it was clear that the crowd there really loved her, and found a way with her performances to amaze them all.

She is certainly great at what she does and has a wonderful personality. Alyssa is a true princess in every sense of the word. When she was asked what she wanted most for people to know about her, she said, “I know because of my small size many people don’t believe I can perform in the caliber that I do… but my Mom always says “Good things come in small packages”.  I just like to sing songs that touch and inspire people“. She may be a small package, but there is nothing small about her talents, or who she is as a person, she is very delightful, and someone you really do need to see in person. There are a few events coming up in which you can catch her live, in February she will be doing a variety show with Country Clay Kirk, in Brooksville Florida, NACMAI in March, Relay for Life in Hilliard   Florida, and Nashville Spotlight Showcase in Jacksonville in April. Do yourself a big favor and go see Alyssa at one of these events, and enjoy a wonderful show, you will love it!