Alyssa Dunham


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Alyssa is a wonderful young lady with a great voice for theater. She can tell the story very well, with all the wonderful expressions. She was just twelve years when she started singing. She auditioned for a community theater so she could perform in their musicals, and this got it all started. This is exactly perfect for Alyssa, she belongs in theater.

One of her favorite performances that she has done so far was at the, Kingman High School Talent Show 2011. Here she sang a Paramore song cover, Ignorance. She wanted to do this song because she felt that she knew the technique. Alyssa did a great job and connected with the audience very well.  She had another great performance in 2010, at her church. She sang, Walk on Water at this performance, and she felt that she was truly singing from her heart, and was sharing a message that she believed in.  She has even won first place at their county fair for her singing.

Her great inspiration comes from Michael Jackson. She likes that he was driven and never stopped, and he didn’t feel his music unless he was connected to it. Alyssa just loves to sing, and use her voice in a strong way. She feels that singing is speaking from the heart and mind in a structured way.

She wants to write and compose her own songs, and she is well on her way to this goal with 15 songs written so far. She also has many poems written that she could turn into songs, and each song and poem is special to her because they all came from the heart, and through life experiences. Her inspiration for songs also comes from special people that she has been touched by in a special way. When it comes to  her writing she pours her whole heart and soul into them all.

Alyssa is a very humble and real person that lives to be inspired as a artist and a person. She hopes to inspire others and to help form and change others in a positive way. Alyssa is always working to better her self with music, she hopes to learn the guitar and to play the piano even better. She has a great attitude for what she does, and people like Alyssa who is not afraid to work for what they want, will often achieve their dreams.