alyssa at stars2come Alyssa is truly brilliant with her music. She has some unstoppable vocals , her  voice  is going to sell millions.  With her writing ideas along with her skills as a musician and vocalist , people are going to love her . Alyssa is a fabulous performer with a great story to tell.

 Alyssa`a story begins as a premature baby. She was recommended to  be sent to a kindermusic program to strengthen her oral and motor skills. It was the teacher at the kindermusic that noticed her talent with music. She recommended a interview with a Suzuki teacher to learn violin , she was accepted and started learning the violin at age two and half with  Daniel Gladstone. Daniel is still her teacher and has brought her acceptance of NYSMA (  New York State Music Assessment ) Which she was accepted to LISFA (Long Island Strings Festival Assoc.) and SCEMA( Sulfok County Music Assoc ) by the 5th Grade. This was a great thing for Alyssa for at her school there was not any string programs or Orchestra. She was asked to join and perform with   (LIFSA & SCEMA) these turned out to be her first CD`s .  Band and chorus is now offered as an option , she interred the program and learned the oboe and earned first chair and still is. She also participates in three areas with NYSMA , Orchestra, band and chorus.

 Alyssa has a sister that is one year older that  plays the piano and flute and excels in chorus. They always tried out for the same plays and parts. So Alyssa taught herself the instruments that her sister played , this  came easy because she had been playing the violin for so long. How ever her sister excelled with vocals . Alyssa had joined the chorus  , but would not try out for solo parts until her sister went to middle school.


alyssa at stars2come

 Once Alyssa`s sister went to middle school she tried out for some solo parts and got all three. After the concert she was aproched by two vocal teachers wanting to take her on. Her and her sister started vocal training with a Mr. Verity . He then brought them to NYSMA and SCEMA with excellent scores. Alyssa had perfect scores in vocals for SCEMA. At All County she was chosen this year to be the speaker.

 There is another great story inside her  story. Alyssa had a YouTube account by the name of hollistergirl731 , but was suspended due to copyrights. How ever once she reopened another account she went by the name Hollistergirl and people began calling her Hollie. It was J.Austin and A.D. Ryan who encouraged her with music. After her account was suspended , it was J. Austin who brought her back. He then had a hit song which he named for her called ” Hollie’s Eyes “.  By the time she was back on YouTube , she had a myspace and here she ran into Cheryl Krebs . Cheryl was the one to give Alyssa her first CD when she was a baby. She would sing Cheryl`s song ” Johnny’s Angel ” and act like her around the house. Well Cheryl knew Alyssa as a musician playing the violin and other instruments , but she noticed she had a great talent with her vocals. Now Cheryl is her vocal teacher. She then introduced Alyssa to Chris Pati, they both gave her the confidence of writing and recording music and lyrics. She is also studying with Chris now as well and learning the guitar through him. Alyssa now has a great team behind her Cheryl is her manager , producer and music engineer vocal teacher and Chris ,Producer,music producer, music teacher -for guitar and more,Promoter. With the help of these two people Alyssa has a awesome new original ” Don`t Twitter Me ” the lyrics and melody in the song is sensational .  I think this song would go through the roof if it found it`s way on TV every girl in the country would buy it.  If this original is this good , I can not wait to hear what she comes up with next. ” Don`t Twitter Me ” is brilliant , Alyssa doesn`t need to wait to be a star , she is a star. Everyone  that hears this song just goes crazy over it and I am one of them….Check it out below.