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Amanda is someone that is certainly destined for stardom. The creativity and passion she puts in her music is going to take her all the way to the top.  Amanda has been doing some great things since she started just a few short years ago. She performs so well that it earned her the honor of opening for the Jonas Bros. for a private charity event at Danny DeVito’s house in the spring of 2010. This event had about 400 of the Jonas Bros. biggest fans in attendance. This performance made her realize how much she loved moving around on stage, and getting the feedback from the audience, and interacting with them. This is an amazing feat to accomplish considering her very first performance ever was in November 2009. Her fist performance was with her band at a place called, The Wire, in Upland Ca. Here the stage was very tiny, and the sound was not very good, but for Amanda, it was like she had arrived at, Carnegie Hall.

Amanda not long ago held her own album release concert at, The Yost, in Santa Ana. Here they had the works with a big stage, flashing lights, and a fog machine, she was very excited. This was a very special night for her with all her family and friends attending. Her album “Highwire”, is full of some amazing songs. This album is a snapshot of a time in her life when she was turning the corner from being that dear in the headlights tween, to a full fledged teen. She says, there’s the concepts of flirting, following your dreams, and getting over break-ups all pressed in a shinny disc, she just loves that! There are many great songs on this album, and one of these is, I’ll be Your Moonlight. This song came about when she was on vacation and went out on the balcony of the hotel and watched how dark clouds were rolling eerily across a bright moon. This made her think about how love can shine so bright, but then, all of a sudden, a dark cloud comes along, and the relationship is in jeopardy. She began writing that night, then later collaborated with Moses Toth to finish the song. Many of Amanda’s friends now call it, Amanda’s Twilight Song, because of her love for the Twilight series. For Amanda, the song “The Life of An Aerialist”, is very special because it is about her life with type 1 diabetes. She wanted to write a song about this for a while, but without using the words, disease, cure, or diabetes. She likes to write songs with a deep and powerful message, but without actually naming it or being too obvious. Moses was also the co-writer for this amazing song.

Everyone should get ready for her new single coming out soon called, “Hold On”. This song falls under the bullying topic and is meant as a message to the victims of bullying as well as their loved ones. Her creativity for writing songs is second to none, what she comes up with is brilliant. Everything she does is real, nothing fake or covered up, she is a very refreshing artist to listen to. Don’t miss any of Amanda’s music, stop by and pick up your album today. Highwire