Amanda McCarthy

Amanda McCarthy at stars2come

 This lovely young lady from New Hampshire, has a mission to entertain you with  great music. Amanda works hard at what she does in-order to put a smile on your face with her music. Amanda has a very pleasant voice that complements any song whether it is a cover or one of her originals, she will amaze you.

 She was about four years old when she discovered that she loved to sing. She would often sing along to songs from the Barney & Friends or to Disney`s “Sing Along” videos. Although she began singing at an early age it is not something that she made a decision to do, but something that she has always done. At seven years old she started her vocal training. She has taken training from Donna Salviati and with Lynda Marshall.

 Amanda loves to perform. When she started she would go to weddings or a birthday party and would always want to sing a song for everyone. In the 4th and 5th grades she was in the school chorus and did a solo in “Stuck On You” by Elvis Presley. Then her first solo performance was at her school`s talent show when she was twelve years old, here she sang “Part of Your World” from the Little Mermaid.

Amanda McCarthy at stars2come

 Amanda has done many wonderful performances since she began. She had the pleasure of performing at the Hard Rock in Boston four times. One of the performances here was for a foundation called “Music Drives Us”. This is a foundation that gives music scholarships to kids that can`t afford lessons.   She really enjoyed performing as a semi-finalist in the Music On & Up  Showcase, because she was surrounded by so many other nice people competing. She did how ever end up winning the “Best Crowd Reaction”.

 Amanda is a great songwriter with 102 songs to date. She became serious about songwriting in the 8th grade. One of her original songs is “I Wasn`t Lying” this was a very special song for her because it was the first original that she ever performed, and the first on guitar. Another song she wrote was “The High Road” , this song has a wonderful and meaningful message. It`s about not letting others bring you down and stooping to their level. This song always reminds her that she would rather take the longer harder road to get to where she wants to go. She is currently working on an EP that will feature six of her original songs, and hopes to have it completed by the end of April.

 Amanda has also taken her music to TV as well.  She has performed for the Debra Crosby`s Talent Quest TV show many times. Then on March 1st she will be a special guest on Scorch`s Pfg-tv singing two of her original songs, the show will be aired on My TV network. How ever she is not into music to be famous, she is involved simply because she loves it. Music is a way for her to express herself and she is truly at home on stage. Even if she doesn`t make it big someday, she still plans on performing all her life when ever possible. She said, ” If she can inspire someone to follow their dreams, that will be enough for me”.