Amanda Nantsios


    I would like to introduce to you Amanda Nantsios.  This beautiful young lady is a true award winner.  The voice she has,  is what most people can only dream of.

    Amanda lives in Barrhaven Canada , thirteen years old. After learning  some about her I believe she ” is ” a star of Canada.  Amanda has such amazing control and power in her voice it is hard to believe she is just thirteen.  The video above is a great example of that,  Amanda singing ” I Don`t Know My Own Strength ” .  Amanda has been making quite a name for herself around Canada . In 2007 and 2008 she was the gold medalist at the Kiwanis Festival, placed in the top ten  in Ottawa Idol 2007 , 2008 she won the Ottawa Idol , Footloose competition gold medalist , USA World showcase finalist for singing , Quebec- Ontario 2009 Youth Music Festival in Montreal she was the winner of all seven categories she entered and the 2009 Youth Got Talent Showcase winner .  This girl is a true champion and well deserved and has the trophes to prove it. I think with her talent she will have,  many more to add to her collection.

   Celine Dion is amanda`s most inspirational person and, _ a great inspiration she has been , not many people can handle Celine`s music no matter what the age but ,  Amanda has truly done her justice.  Amanda says that when Celine sings she really means it, ( that is the way songs should be ) and I feel Amanda has learned that very well.  She puts so much heart into what she sings,  that the story in the song comes alive.  She is starting to explore song writing and if her writing  is anything like her singing , she is going to be sensational . I don’t believe I am going on a limb to far as to say, the right song could land her a Grammy one day not far down the road .  She believes songs should be meaningful , something that  actually has happened to you and that songs are like stories , they should mean something. ( That is so true ) With her understanding of music , the passion she puts in a song , that we will be seeing many great things from Amanda . I know that I am now a true fan and the best way to describe Amanda in one word , would be to quote what was written on one of her videos    ” WOW “.  Below is Amanda singing Celine Dion`s ” I Surrender ” and an awesome job she did.

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