Amber Barbell “Grapeseed Kid”

Amber Barbell at stars2come




Amber is a wonderfully talented LA girl and has been using her talents to entertain people since the age of three. Since her beginning she has sung and acted her way into a great career that continues to grow today. Amber’s talents have been noticed across the country and the world.

Amber has been involved in acting for a long time finding herself in films, TV and not to mention several music videos. Amber does love music as much as acting and has several songs of her own out, and they are all amazing. Everything she does always turns out brilliantly and leaving everyone entertained and taking a message back with them. This also holds true with her current project.

Amber has been selected to be part of Grapeseed and she is honored to be part of such a great program. Grapeseed is an educational program for kids all over the world teaching them to speak proper English, enunciation and diction through song and dance. This project is based out of Japan and Amber will be heading back there again this year for her third time. She records from the tracks in LA with the producer from Japan and Canada. Once she is complete with that she then flies to Japan for 2.5 weeks. She will then film with a green-screen for 10-11 hours per day where she dances, acts and sings as a Grapeseed kid. Even though she works long hours when she is  there, she always makes time for sight-seeing. Amber has always liked doing things that helps others and this project fits right in very nicely. This is something that allows her to use all of her talents and do it in a positive way.

There has been a lot for great things going on with Amber other than the Grapeseed project. Here recently she has been in PBS’s sci-fi Futurestates, “Return to Elektra Springs” filmed in Oregon. She can also be found in Nick Cannon’s Monster Headphones print campaign, and a voice-over for Antboy  coming to theaters this spring.

Even with Amber’s career growing bigger everyday she still makes time to hangout with friends. She is now learning the guitar and looking to write more songs this year, and hopefully have a few hits. Amber is not just a great artist and actress, but she is wonderful down to earth girl. Be on the look out for a lot of great things coming from Amber this year, and if there is a kid out needing to learn English be sure and point them to Grapeseed it may just be the perfect tool for them.