Amber Barbell “I’m An Angel”


Amber McBubbles Barbell at stars2come
Amber Barbell, behind the scenes of "I'm An Angel" video




Amber Barbell, the new up and coming “pop sensation”! Amber from Hollywood California has done it again with a brand new song coming out December 17, titled “I’m An Angel”. This song is expected to be even more sensational than her song, “Glitter Girl”.

Amber and Jus Me co-wrote this song. I is about goodness and overcoming adversity. This will be a song that you can dance to, but has great meaning. Jus Me and Rakif Waters produced the beat and engineered the song. Soon after the release on December 17, it will be available on itunes, so be sure to get your copy, you do not want to miss out.

“Just”, this great song is not all to look forward to. Long about Christmas time the video for “I’m An Angel” will be out as well. This “is” a must see video! Chris Bennett and Jus Me produced and directed the video.  This video takes place in Jacksonville Florida, at the notorious haunted building called, “School 4”. Also filming was done at the beautiful and historic St. Augustine. They shot for three days rain or shine to bring this fantastic video to fans everywhere. Amber had a lot of fun shooting the video, and everyone was very supportive of the project. This has been a major project taking in months of work, all to bring the best to the fans.

Amber has always produced amazing music, and this new song, “I’m An Angel” will prove to be the best “ever”! She loves music and will continue to bring smiles to her fans for a long time to come.  Write down December 17, you do not! want to miss this release. Keep an eye out on itunes for this great new single, “I’m An Angel”, and get your copy of this great new song.