Amber Barbell

Amber Barbell at stars2come


This little curly top cutie  is Amber Barbell. She is a great singer and actress from Florida. She not only sings well, but she is a fantastic writer, and  can really bring her stories to life. She has been a part of some amazing TV shows, and her video Glitter Girl, is just outstanding. In the song it says, she looks like a million dollars. That is exactly what Amber is “A million dollar girl”.

Amber didn`t start singing until she was three years old, but she was in front of a audience at the age of fourteen months. When she was fourteen months, she was doing pageants, and as cute as she is you can bet she won the most of them. Once she started singing, she performed at many venues around Florida, Tennessee, Atlanta, and Hollywood. One of her  favorite performances  was the Disney Powerfest Concert in Orlando. Here she opened her own show singing a medley of Disney songs, and had her own back up dancers accompanying her. Then came the “Glitter Girl” video. She really loved doing this shoot. She had to perform many times, at many different locations. She says, everyone was very supportive and that it didn`t hurt driving around in a limo for hours.

Amber has won several contests, and has gotten many awards. She has won OverAll talents at state and International competitions. Amber gets all her drive and inspiration for all that she does from her family. She says, that they have been very supportive of her ever since she was born, and giving her great encouragement to follow her dream.  Also she thanks God for keeping her on the right path. All this positive reinforcement has helped in her creativity as well. She brings out a lot of this creativity, in her songwriting. Currently she has written three songs and a forth on the way. Her first three songs are, “Glitter Girl”, “Positive Reality”, and “Time To Pray”. Her forth will be called, “I`m An Angel”. All of her ideas come from family, animals, and God.

Singing is not all this young lady can do. She is also an actress and has been on one of the biggest TV shows in the country, Hannah Montana. On this show she played Rico`s niece. She has also been in Tough Love 2, and done featured films, voice overs, and documentaries. Amber is just unstoppable she just keeps growing in her career, and is loving every minute of it. Amber is a very nice person, and has the right attitude, and all the right people on her side to help make her dream come true.