Amelia Burns

Amelia Burns at stars2come

 Amelia is an amazing vocalist, she can handle any type of music from country to pop and beyond, and do so beautifully. When on stage it shows very clear that she has a great elegance about her, making her stage presence stand out very well. This elegance also lets the audience connect with her, and not want to take their eyes off while she is performing, they are wrapped up in her performance.

 Amelia from Australia, started off like most kids singing at a very early age. She wanted to sing when she was young because her dad and older sister sung all the time at shows and concerts. At about age eight her older sister Jess started teaching her the basics, like breathing. Then her sister started teaching her songs from Les Miserable, they also started singing duets, they would sing all the time and for anyone that came around.

 Amelia is now in her third year with formal vocal training. Her first year of vocal training came from Rosemary Price. She said, that Rosemary was a very good coach and gained a lot of confidence from her. She is currently with Leonie Butler, who has help her with her vocal tone, song choice and has given her many opportunities to perform in many places. She does give much credit to Jessica Burns, for teaching her in the early years. Her family is very musically oriented, and from that she has learned to play the piano. She played the piano for about three years then moved on to the trombone. She also was apart of the school band for about five years. Amelia is now teaching herself the guitar.


Amelia Burns at stars2come

 Amelia started performing on stage very early around three years old. When she was eleven years old she auditioned for her first musical “The Music Man” going for one of the leads,  with EUCMS (2007), later following, ‘Suessical the Musical’ with her school (2008), then the Australian Premier of  ‘Just So’ the musical with Stage Artz Performing Artz School (2009) and then, ‘Seussical the Musical’ with Stage Artz Performing Artz School, featuring as one of three featured singers (2010). She learned a lot from performing in these shows.  Amelia loves musicals, and after seeing “The Drowsy Chaperon” she wanted to audition for her first musical in 2007. Some of her favorites are Wicked, Fame, Urinetown, Little Women, and West Side Story just to name a few. Amelia is one performer that can do almost anything and does an amazing job with all of her performances. She is not only talented in music, but acting as well. When she was twelve she was in an TV add for a Hotel and once school is out she will be in an Australian Drama “Home and Away”, she is very excited about this.

 Amelia really loves singing, but not just because she enjoys it, but she hopes to one day help others with her talent. She would like to help kids with hearing disabilities and teach them about music. She wants to make a difference for someone with what she can do, if you have a gift you shouldn`t keep it for yourself, but use it to help others. Amelia certainly has her heart in the right place, she truly cares about others. She is someone that people can count on. Amelia has a bright future ahead, and she will be bringing enjoyment to people for a long time to come.