American Hope

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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs written by them and they are all incredible. Every song on the CD is fun and comes with a positive message. Once you listen to the first song, it will have you hooked, not wanting a song to end, but at the same time, can’t wait to hear what the next song brings. American Hope is one of the best groups to come up in a longtime. They have the sound and the songwriting skills to drive them to the top of the billboard charts. Their CD is as good as any out there. The songs are brilliant and well executed.

American Hope resides in Atlanta, Georgia and they are three talented brothers. The members are: Jameson is fourteen he plays lead guitar, rhythm guitar and lead vocals. Jadyn is thirteen he plays guitar, bass and vocals. Kenyon is eleven he plays mostly drums, but can also play guitar and he sings harmony. Even with knowing their ages when listen to them, it’s hard to believe they are not a band that has been around for twenty years. The boys are strong and tight with their music. Jameson has killer vocals with a nice rasp, and a lot of substance to it. They need to be heard from coast to coast.

In 2009 they decided that being on stage performing is what they were interested in doing. This decision came after attending a gospel concert and hearing a group called, “Accappella”. “We loved their stage presence and how good they were and how good their harmonies were” Jadyn says. The next day they told their mom they really wanted to take singing lessons. “So she signed us up for voice lessons. Almost immediately, we started performing in local concerts and for church groups” says Kenyon. They were invited to perform at a popular holiday show at their Paulding County Christmas Spectacular Show that December. They were a big hit and returned to perform for the next two years.

Once American Hope got started, they became highly sot after, performing all over Georgia and in Alabama. In their second year of performing as a band, they were invited to perform at a private event concert at Randy Owens farm (he is a member of the famous group Alabama). The farm is  on Lookout Mountain in Fort Payne, Alabama. Randy is their second cousin and has been a big inspiration to them musically. Randy has given American Hope many opportunities to open for him, either at private events or at his fan appreciation concerts known as, Fandemonium. “We just look up to him so much and appreciate the opportunities he has given us to grow as performers” says Jadyn.

American Hope got the opportunity to open for Lisa Kelly (former lead singer for Celtic Women) at her show at the Fred Amphitheater in Peachtree City, Georgia. Since the first time opening for Kelly, they have had the pleasure of doing so a few more times. They say she puts on a fabulous show with world famous artists each year. “We are so blessed to take vocal lessons from her at the, Lisa Kelly Voice Academy. We just love her! She is so kind and encouraging and just so amazing to work with” says Jameson.

With no surprise American Hope has been nominees for the Georgia Music Awards two years in a row 2015 and 2016 in the Youth Country/Rock Band category. Also they were nominated for Best youth Video in 2016 as well. For both years they were selected to perform at the Awards show. They said it was fun to perform on stage with all their fellow Georgia music artists.

When they are out performing the boys prefer to perform their own music, but they sometimes do cover others. When they are covering other artists, they enjoy the Zac Brown Band, Tim McGraw and Alabama. They will sometimes throw in a couple Eagles songs in there too.

Getting up on stage performing and making people happy is what it’s all about for American Hope. “It is so great when the crowd is excited and into the music” says Jadyn. Jameson says he loves sharing the talents that God has blessed them with. Being able to reach out to people and make them feel good through their music means a lot to them all. They have a strong faith system in God and family and they really want to share goodness with the world. “Our parents have been a great influence on us for good and we want to continue that” says Jadyn. The boys strive to be a good influence on the youth of today through their music. Kenyon says that is why they are so picky when it comes to the songs they perform. He also feels that each song has a message and they want to make sure the message they give out is a positive one for whoever hears it.

They are all excited about their new CD American Hope that just came out. The boys have worked hard on recording  it for about a year and during that time they learned a lot. Jameson wrote four of the songs and their mom wrote the other six. They often have writing sessions as a family. There’s always new music happening at their house, their whole family loves music. They already have a bunch more songs written that have potential to be on their next album.

American Hope has many performances coming up this fall that they will keep posted on their website, American Hope so be sure and catch them live. Their performances are all well done and looks like they have been doing it for years. They have so much natural talent and drive that there’s no limit to what they can accomplish and go in music. Their CD American Hope is proof of how good they are. It is like they were true veterans of country music you cannot tell any different. American Hope is a group that we will hear about for many years to come.