Anastasia Lee, What A Grand Voice!

Anastasia Lee at stars2come

Anastasia Lee has been pleasing people around the country and the globe with her grand voice. The beauty Anastasia has flows through her voice, her performance, her presence giving the audience an elegant evening.  As a Contralto, she does have advantages over some others and this lends a hand in captivating the listener. Although Contralto’s are only about 1% women, but some of these women have become icons in the music world. Some of these women are, Cher, Judy Garland, Doris Day, Lady Gaga, Patsy Cline and Adele, these are just a few and the list is growing. Anastasia could very well be on that list a few short years down the road.

When it comes to being a Contralto, it creates opportunities, but it does have its downside. “A Contralto style singer is much more able to sing the songs of say, Tenors, Bass, Baritone; meaning more of a male type repertoire (that is an advantage)” says Anastasia. Anastasia says the downside is being limited to perform the more standard High Soprano roles or songs. “That being said, in my case I emphasize my ability to perform in 9 languages and about 9 musical genres (over 350+ songs). This actually gives me a distinct advantage in the Classical  Crossover genre, as I can perform almost at will, songs from across the globe” Anastasia says.

For several years now, Anastasia has been busy performing for many different events. This past summer she had the opportunity to perform at a wedding for the first time. The wedding was in Chicago, very Irish, says Anastasia. It was a real honor for her to be invited to perform.

Anastasia was honored again, but this time representing the United States. She competed in a contest, Music For Kids. For this contest Anastasia was personally selected as a representative of the US. Anastasia said, “I believe that perhaps my ability to perform in 9 languages was indeed a benefit; that combined with my trademark performances only in elegant gowns, would reflect well upon the European audience as a sign of respect”. Anastasia won the contest with her last song of it being, Celine Dion’s, My Heart Will Go On in Russian and English. The Music For Kids contest gave her the opportunity to go to Romania and perform outside the United States for the first time.

Romania may be the only country she has performed at so far, but the offers do come. Anastasia has had requests from Russia and Malta. She dreams of visiting and performing in many countries worldwide. “I am a lover of adventure, travel, trying new things, and meeting new people” says Anastasia.

Anastasia Lee at stars2come  A few years ago on July 9th 2011, Anastasia performed on stage with superstar Josh Groban. This all happened through a text. It was set up so people could text Josh a question, but Anastasia’s family was not using cellphones at the time. Her mom asked to borrow a phone, she did and texted Josh, “could I sing a duet with you”. Out of thousands of texts her’s was one of three selected. “Performing with Josh was the most frightening and most exhilarating moment of my life” says Anastasia.

Performing for  Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan in 2012, was one of Anastasia’s first big events. At this event she sung a complete fourteen song concert. In attendance that day was over 350 elected officials from many government offices.

About two years ago Anastasia performed with her soon to be friend Sheridan Archbold for the first time. She was contacted by his mother and asked Anastasia if she would consider performing in Chicago at Festa Italiana. She accepted and it was a good opportunity for them both. For Sheridan it was his first big stage event, and for Anastasia it was her first performing with someone her own age. The following year they performed again at the same event as well as, Chicago’s Botanical Gardens to a very receptive audience.

Anastasia is a major Elvis fan and wishes to do a holographic duet with him. He is one of several that she looks up to. “He made people happy and that is exactly what my goal each time I take a stage to perform” says Anastasia. Elvis considered his fans the most important element, without them there’s no career. “What I love most about him is his amazing voice, stage presence and looks, his down to earth style, his artistic humor, love of family and fans, the complete artistic package” Anastasia says.

With all the love she has for Elvis, she still has plenty of  love for the Classical Crossover  artists of today. Anastasia feels that, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Sarah Brightman, Julie Andrews, Celine Dion, Anna Netrebko all are excellent role models for young singers.

Anastasia is talented in music, but she is also talented in track and field. Her and her siblings are Varsity Track and Field, and Cross Country athletes. They are all medalists and trophy winners with many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. They all do plan to continue their athletics during college. Right now however, her brother Randy is a Freshman in high school and is currently the 4th fastest in the state of Wisconsin.

While Anastasia’s dream is to perform worldwide some day, she does have an alternative that she will be pursuing as well, Attorney. “Justice, honesty, and the protection of people’s natural rights are three things that really makes me tick, so to speak. I aspire to the levels of my idols, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Patrick Henry” says Anastasia. She and her sibling all are planning on becoming attorneys, and they intend on making a difference.

In the courtroom or on stage Anastasia will make a difference in people’s lives. She is driven to do so. The opportunities grow larger each day for Anastasia to fulfill her dreams. Anytime a person can place a smile on another person’s face they have made a difference. Anastasia does this very well with the grand voice she possesses.