Anastasia Lee


Anastasia Lee at stars2come



It is  an honor to have such a brilliant voice as Anastasia here at stars2come.  She sings with such grace and passion that she takes your breath away. Anastasia brings great beauty to the songs she sings, but her beauty with-in is just as great. Her biggest desire is to bring happiness to others trough her music, and to give hope to many people through her great love of charity.   She has given many hours to St. Vincent DePaul Society and Paul’s Food Pantry to help those in need. Anastasia loves participating in helping to raise awareness and funds for  charitable groups. Her favorite is St. Judes Children’s Hospital in Memphis Tenn. She also gives her time to The American Cancer Society and The American Heart Association. She is an amazing person to give so much, Anastasia truly has a heart as big, as her voice.

Anastasia is remarkable to say the least, with such a great talent for opera and Broadway, to be fully self taught. She has always loved music since a very early age, but she did not really get started into it until she was eight after confiscating her dad’s CD of Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli, singing, “Time To Say Goodbye”.  This got her started singing, and for her it was only for the fun it. Not long after this they got the movie, Phantom Of The Opera, and she feel in love with the movie, the costumes and the music. She would then sing at all fun family gatherings, and many times you would find her riding her bike singing songs from, The Phantom Of The Opera.

At age eleven she started taking her wonderful voice to the public at places like, Harmony Cafe, and Cup O’ Joy’s open mic night singing Broadway Classics, Opera, and Crossovers. Here recently she was a part of Parkview Middle School’s, “Big Bad Musical” performing as solo and duet. She also has a part in their next musical as Siren. On July 9th she had the pleasure of singing with Josh Groban, she selected the song, “To Where You Are”.  Anastasia has gotten some great opportunities to perform, it seems that everyone loves the beauty she brings to the music she sings. She performed twice for the UWGB Chancellors Scholarship Dinner, and then the UWGB Board of Regents. This past January she entered a talent contest called, Coulee Region’s Got Talent. This was a unique experience for her. At this contest she received a standing ovation from the crowd and the four judges, and with an almost perfect score was announced the winner. This was very exciting for her, this was her first contest.

Anastasia loves the voices of people like, Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban, and Julie Andrews to name a few. Even though they have incredible voices, what she likes most is the fact they make people happy even today. All these people are great inspirations for Anastasia, but her greatest comes from her family, and her best friend Lt. Col.  John H. Hug. They all inspire her to practice, work hard, and be more focused and to never give up on her dreams. Singing is a major part of her life, it allows her to just be herself, and express her feelings what ever they may be.

Her main goal in life is to make people happy. She loves to watch people smile, sing along, and even cry when she sings songs of the past. She says, it is a very special feeling, it is not about her, it is about the people’s thoughts, their feelings and embraces. Anastasia hopes to one day take her music and perform at Carnegie Hall and the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. Another great dream of hers would be to play the part of Christine Daae in the, Phantom Of The Opera or be apart of, The Sound Of Music and Camelot, these would be an excellent addition to her life.

Anastasia is simply and outstanding performer, no matter if it is Opera or Broadway hits she is a delight to listen to. Anastasia not only brings more great music to all, but she adds beauty to the world around her. They joy she gives to the people watching her performances is priceless, and this is what all great artists strive for, the joy it brings to others. Beauty and joy is, Anastasia!