Andrea Joyce

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Andrea is a great new voice coming out of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. They are very proud of Andrea and what she is accomplishing, and the local paper there has even done a large write-up about her participation in the Maritime Idol. All of her family and more importantly herself should be proud of all she is doing. She always looks professional when performing and the audience enjoys listening. She is an excellent entertainer.

Andrea first started performing in public when she was about eleven years old in the fifth grade. Her first performance was at her elementary school for a talent show. She has done a lot of performances since her start, but she does have a couple that are her favorites. One of these favorites was when she sang on the Boardwalk in Saint John. Andrea also enjoys performing at the local stadium, Harbour  Station. She says there are a lot of new faces there every time she goes and the stage is just great, here she sings the National Anthem. She has been on TV as well singing the National Anthem for the pro basketball team, Saint John Millrats. She has taken off very well and gaining a great deal of attention.

When it comes to contests and awards Andrea is doing quite well. She has won a couple of YouTube Idol Challenges, and has finished third in Beat100 music chart in 2012. She has also won a couple of Maritime Idol Weekly contests and has received a performance award from Clive’s Easylearn Pop Music School.

Andrea just loves to perform, and she really likes covering Carrie Underwood. She likes covering Carrie because she is a great inspiration. She also says that Carrie’s songs are challenging to sing. She likes being on stage and really loves the burst of energy she gets when she is performing and just how it all makes her feel. She hopes to be able to continue to sing long into the future.

The talent she has is constantly growing and it has begun to grow in the direction of songwriting. She has already been working on some original music; she says she has been working on it for quite sometime. Right now she only has one song completed, it was written about six months ago. Andrea says this song is special to her, but for some reason can not put a finger on why.

She is currently working on a duet with a friend of hers, who she says is an excellent singer. They are working on the new Pink song, Just Give Me A Reason. She is also in the top ten of the Saint John Idol. Andrea works very hard and all this hard work is paying off and it can be seen in all her accomplishments. Andrea does speak the truth when she says, “life is a ride, so why not follow your dreams”. This is so very true. Andrea is both savvy and a great singer and she is following her dream.