Andrew Muccitelli

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Andrew Muccitelli is incredible to say the least, he is one of very few that sings with the intensity that he puts in his music. A lot of people talk about others who put their “all” into music, but until you hear and see Andrew can anyone truly understand what “all” really is. He digs deep into his soul and holds nothing back, and you can bet this is what won him his spot on the X-Factor. At his first audition for the X-Factor he sang “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele, and roughly 15 seconds of “Price Tag” by Jessie J., this won him three yeses, and put him in the top sixty. He said, his favorite performance by far was his rendition of “The Edge Of Glory” by Lady GaGa. This was his the first performance he did at the X-Factor boot camp. Unfortunately this performance was not aired. He was real close to this song and felt the connection. Andrew said it was a surreal experience being on the X-Factor, and a little star struck by being in the presence of L.A. Reid. He says he might try again on the X-Factor, but it would probably be when he is around fifteen years old.

His passion for music started taking hold when he was merely three years old when he would sing along to Cher and the Dixie Chicks. Andrew took on his first public performance at eight years old on May 11, 2007 at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. This beginning got him to the X-Factor and contributes to the outstanding music he puts out today. One of the covers that he put out, “Set Fire To The Rain” was brilliantly executed.  In this song you can hear the intensity and the depth he gave to this song. The video that goes with it is simple, but yet it captures Andrew very well for what he is, an artist. This video also allows you to not only hear the intensity, but see it. This is what “all” is! The expressions and the emotions he brings is sensational. Videos like this are the best, it allows the viewer to see and hear the real person for who they are as an artist, and what you see in Andrew is all him delivering some great music. The song, “Set Fire To The Rain” has a lot of meaning to Andrew. For him the song shows standing up for yourself, which he believes is a very important message. He is a huge fan of Adele, and he thinks, “Set Fire To The Rain” has the best message of all her songs because it shows that she stands up for herself . When Andrew was asked about the simplicity of the video he said,  ” I think the video being simple is great. It focuses more on the song than anything. Music today is starting to become about image, but a simple video such as this shows that you don’t need dancers and loud clothes to be an artist. I love the video just as it is”. This is a very true statement, simple is almost always the best and get to see and hear the artists for who they really are.

Andrew has a goal to be a singer/songwriter without changing who he is. He is a great singer, and his songwriting is coming along very well. He has written about fifty songs so far with about twelve finalized and official. Andrew gets inspired by other kids, girls, and the middle school drama. All of these stories inspire a new song. 

Andrew is always very thankful to all his supporters, they really mean a lot to him. Every time he gets a nice comment or compliment, he feels touched. Singing makes him happy and wants to sing his whole life, and stay true to himself. Andrew is truly an excellent artist with a wonderful future in music. The great passion that he carries will take him many wonderful places in his musical career. Seeing and hearing is believing, please enjoy, “Set Fire To The Rain” and the “fire” that Andrew has.