Andrew Wilmot “Fallen Rain”

Andrew Wilmot at stars2come

Andrew Wilmot coming to you from LA. This outstanding musician has a true shine to him, from his clothes to his guitar. He doesn`t shine just from appearance, but from his guitar skills as well. Once he begins to play, the guitar truly comes to life from one end of the neck to the other, he is going to rock you with some awesome music. Looking at Andrew what comes to ones mind is, Paul McCartney, Andrews appearance is almost spot on. Andrew is the lead vocalist and guitarist for his band “Fallen Rain”.

 Andrew didn`t waste anytime with his singing, he has been doing this ever since he could talk and it sure shows on his performances today. When it comes to the guitar, as awesome as he is, he has only been playing for four years, and he has certainly come a long way in a short time.  Andrew is taught by Marcel Wittfeld, who is a freelance music producer and the owner of Eagle Rock Studios. This is also where Andrew made his first demo. Andrew`s skills doesn`t stop at vocals and guitar, he can handle bass, and piano. When it comes to the piano, he is a classical pianist. He has been taking piano lessons for six years, and is being taught by a former member of the Shanghai Philharmonic. When it comes to his music nothing holds him back, everything he does he makes sure it is just right. His vocals are just as amazing as his playing, he has that great rough sound in his voice that makes a great rocker. His training comes from Tip Petersen in LA.

Andrew Wilmot at stars2come

 Andrew has been playing with a band Fallen Rain, he has performed with the drummer Marcella Dreith for two years. The other guitarist Noah Daniel just joined the band in early 2010. Andrew and Marcella first performed together in April 2009. They played at some amazing venues, some of these include the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, and went on from here to perform at Whiskey A Go Go and The Roxy Theater on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

 One of the greatest performances for Fallen Rain was at the New York in Hollywood Event on Halloween at the CBS studios lot. This was a benefit to raise money for Music Therapy for Special Needs children. Actress Laura San Giacomo was the MC. Another great performance was on December 12, Fallen Rain was one of eight bands that played a benefit concert for Toys For Tots charity (Rock for Tots). They were the only kid band in the concert, but the crowd loved them and they raised lots of money for the kids.

 Andrew is fast becoming a good songwriter. He started writing his own songs at ten years old. His ideas for these songs comes from the classic and alternative rock that he listens to. One of his newest songs he has recorded is “Manual Labor” an awesome song with a great beat. One thing about Andrew is that he is very dedicated to his music, his greatest passion is creating music and performing. All this shows through very well in his performances, he really means business when he is on stage. Soon he will be back in the studio to do more recording and it is going to be interesting to see what great creations he gives us all.  Andrew is a great musician with an awesome look going on. He is truly rock and roll all the way. If you would like to keep up with what Andrew is into, stop by his web site Andrew Wilmot Music.