Angel Berry

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When it comes to acting or music it is about the story. In either case success depends on how well you can tell the story and people are taken in by the story. Today you get to learn about an amazing new storyteller who is helping to make people think, one song, one story at a time. Introducing Angel Berry, and she has things she wants to say; and people are listening and finding themselves being part of the story.

Angel is a dreamer and a thinker. She sees things that many do not. She says things that most wish they could say, if only they had the courage. Angel has the courage to speak-out and tell her story, and she does it in a way that has much meaning. Young or old, Angel is here for everyone, and she is doing just what angels do, bring hope and joy. Angel has a gift that was given to her from a power far greater than anyone on earth could give. Angel is an inspiration, and touches you deep in your soul.

For such a great storyteller, Angel really has not been doing it for very long. She is twelve years old, but it was only three years ago in which she began writing poetry. Her work was later introduced to Andrew Lane a record producer, and her very first CD was published in 2013. This CD is perfectly titled, Words.

Words, is a great CD with many inspirational stories and was nominated for best album by the Independent Music Awards. At twelve years old, Angel is the youngest person nominated. Also she has just won a Producers Choice Award for an international music artist  under eighteen. There are two videos of Angel’s that have been nominated as well, Today I Learned and Strong. Both of which she wrote.

Today I Learned

Angel does enjoy getting out and performing when she can. Her very first performance was at a Christmas Event in Canada. She also performed at the Special Olympic event this past October in Newport Beach.

Like most artists Angel too, hopes to move people with her gift. One of the things she enjoys most when performing is seeing the joy in the people’s eyes.

Angel Berry at stars2come  Most people take things that happen for granted and rarely sees the benefit it could have. This is not true for Angel, her gift allows her to see differently than most. Angel has over fifteen songs written and another fifteen co-written, most of these are taken from everyday experiences. She uses these experiences to tell stories that are helping to change the world. Some of these stories are fun and some touch the heart.

There is one song that tugs at your heart, it is simply called, Gone. Gone, it has the most beautiful message ever. This song was written about her grandma who had passed away. Angel says she never got to meet her, but she could see how much she inspired people and was such a great role model. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one, there is no way this song will not touch you deep in your heart. In this song you can feel the love, the care and the heart of Angel.


Angel does have an amazing gift in music, but her gift also reaches into acting as well. She has been on the Lifetime Network in the movie I Think I Do. Angel has also performed her spoken work on several TV networks in her city. You can find Angel featured in many magazines and on many radios.

Angel lives by a motto everyone should adopt, “respect yourself and others”. It is impossible to listen to Angel and not gain respect of her and what she is doing. Just like in her song Life, slow down don’t let it pass you by, be thankful and grateful. Angel is what life is about, joy, laughter, caring and meaningful.

No matter what may be going on in the world today good or bad, one thing is for sure, a child makes for a brighter day. Angel is a child that was put on this earth to brighten everyone’s day. She was born with a gift and she uses that gift to bring a message to each and every person. No matter who you are or what is happening in your life, Angel has something just for you. Angel lives up to her name. She leads you from the darkness to the light. She warms your heart and settles your mind. She is a true Angel and heaven-sent.