Angela and Hannah

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Angela and Hannah are an outstanding duo that is sweeping the Southern California area with their awesome harmonies and their great music style. These girls are such a pleasure to watch and listen to, everything about their performances just puts a smile on your face. There is no doubt that they are as talented as they are beautiful, and are out making a big name for themselves.

These two amazing sisters have been singing since they were toddlers. It was in their home state of Minnesota where they were introduced to music. When Hannah was only three years old you would often find her dancing to her mom’s karaoke songs, and Angela playing around with her dad’s guitar at the age of six.  Then about four years ago they started getting serious about it. They started taking vocal lessons, and about three years ago they began singing as a duo and have been ever since. It is great that Angela and Hannah are doing this as a duo, they are so talented and the music industry is in need of a great girl duo like them.

Angela and Hannah made their first public performance in front of their parents food concession stand about three years ago with their performances made up of mostly Taylor Swift songs.  They perform many places now and have acquired some favorites along the way. For Angela performing on the Plaza Stage at the San Diego County Fair was amazing. It was their first year performing at the fair and she said it was a really cool experience. They enjoyed singing to the crowds there and loved meeting everyone that stopped by after their performance to say hi. Hannah says she really liked the fair as well, but also enjoyed singing on En Vivo Time Warner  community cable TV show. This was their first time performing on a prerecorded TV show so it was different and fun. This was on January 9th 2013, they sang “Give Your Heart a Break” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. Angela and Hannah has been doing really well performing and has a couple of regular performances that they do each week. On the weekends you can catch them at Kobey’s Swap Meet and on Wednesdays at the Ocean Beach Farmers Market.

Angela-and-Hannah at stars2come Angela and Hannah do a great job when it comes to their music and when performing they each have different artists they like to cover. With Angela she loves covering Maroon 5. She says they are one of her favorite bands and their songs are so much fun to perform. Hannah says she loves to cover Demi Lovato. She says Demi is such an amazing artist and a inspiration to them both. No matter what they sing they just love to perform and the best thing is when they are able to connect with the audience. It always makes them happy when someone tells them they have touched their hearts or have made their day a bit brighter. There is no way you can watch these two girls and not have your day brightened.

These wonderful girls have a very bright future ahead of them, but right now they say their main goal is to just have fun. When watching Angela and Hannah it is easy to see they are truly having fun. They also hope to inspire other young musicians out there and be able to share their music with others. They do plan to have their first album out soon with a few covers and original songs too.

Angela and Hannah have been doing great with singing some songs from their favorite artists, but that is getting ready to change. Angela and Hannah are now writing their own songs and you can bet these girls are going to put out some amazing songs. Angela has written many songs, but currently has only finished about 5. She said when she was younger she would keep a songwriting journal instead of a diary. If she was feeling down or sad, she wrote music and because of this it makes all of the songs special to her. Writing these songs helped her through rough times. Hannah says she is just getting started writing and has 1 completed so far.

These two girls are amazingly talented and they are artists that everyone is going to love. They have so much fun doing what they love that you can not watch them and not have fun yourself. They have the ability to become one of the best teen duos out there and present their selves very well. They are artists that others can look up to. It is easy to imagine them on a big stage in a arena with thousands of screaming kids at the edge of the stage just trying to get a to touch one of them. They are the duo sensation of Southern California and soon to be the country. Don’t miss out on anything these girls do, keep track of them on their social media at, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Website, and Instagram.