Angelica Joni

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Angelica with her beautiful pop voice that makes listening to her music so relaxing and enjoyable. Her music is powerful and meaningful just the way a song should be. She delivers her songs brilliantly, with a lot of heart. She takes a cover and puts more into the song than the original artist, and when some one can do that you know they are in for great things in  music.

Angelica from NY, this a remarkable singer, and she already knew when she was seven that she loved to sing. She would sing her heart out with her sister and her friends, until her mom realized it was time to take her for vocal lessons.  She has taken vocal lessons from some amazing people like Sal Dupree, and Pleasant Russell. Now she takes her wonderful voice any where she can. She loved performing at her cousins wedding at the Hilton. Angelica performed in Manhatton in the QSAC`s Got Talent competition last summer. She also raised thousands of dollars for QSAC, and performed for them several times during the competition. Another great performance for her was performing for the 911 Police Aid Foundation. Here she was honored with the title of  Voice for the 911 Foundation.  This is the kind of person Angelica is, she is a doer always willing to help, and so far she has put in over one thousand hours of community service. Angelica she been volunteering for the YMCA for fours years. She has given over 100 hours  for the Florida Humane Society, and she is currently helping the Dogs Rule Rescue, and she has lent her voice to the Diabetes Insulin Fund.

When it comes to her music Rihanna is her #1 inspiration because she has an incredible voice, and Kara DioGuardi because she is a great songwriter. It has always been a dream of Angelica to write a song with Kara. These inspirations of hers are rubbing off on her well. Not only are Angelica`s vocals amazing, but she is coming right a long with her songwriting as well. She loves writing her own songs, and so far she has written four, some of these are incomplete, but will soon be finished. The ideas for her songs comes literally   out of thin air. She can be driving somewhere or hanging out with friends and something will just pop in her head. Once something pops in, she will immediately write down what ever it is.

Angelica loves to perform. She says, as much as her nerves get to her, she loves the thrill of getting on stage and everyone`s eyes on her. Music has been a dream of her`s for a long time, and she believes that she could totally bring a change in the music world if she gets out there. With the talent she has you can bet she will bring a change. She is currently taking off on the No Bully Tour. She is performing in the East Coast Pop tour, and if you would like to go out and see Angelica, and support a good cause you have plenty of chances she will be at a city near you. Here are all the dates for the tour:

July 8th – Middletown, NY 10AM at the Boys and Girls Club, 1PM – Galleria at Crystal Run Mall,  7PM – Sounds Assylum after party, July 9th – 12PM – YMCA in Hartford, CT , 3PM Madison Arts Barn in Madison, CT, July 10th – 1:30 Six Flags Great Adventure Jackson, NJ,  July 11th – 1PM FYE on Broad Street in Philly, PA,  July 12th – 1PM Northgate Mall in Durem, NC,  July 13th- 1PM FYE West End in Nashville, TN, and last, July 14th 1pm West Oaks Mall in Ocoee, FL.

Soon after the tour be sure to keep an eye on Angelica during the tour she will be filming a major music video from her song ” Terrified”, it is sure to be awesome.