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Angie is an extremely talented singer/songwriter; what she can do with words and her voice is nothing, but amazing. Angie lives in south Florida and there is no doubt she is turning heads ever time she performs. A person with the talent that Angie posses will not go unnoticed, in time Angie Sellars will be known world-wide.

Angie’s incredible talent for songwriting shined through with the release of her very first original, “Happy”.  In this song it does show her talent for lyrics, and then her performance of the song is just phenomenal! Many new artists often has a problem with delivering an original correctly whether it was written by them or not, but for Angie that is not the case. Angie was able to bring out the meaning of the song, and have just the right emotion and intensity showing just how creative she really is. When “Happy” was released  it was on a compilation CD called, Pass The Dream. This CD was put together by All About Music and the Laura Brooke Music Foundation. Like most of her songs the idea for Happy came to her, just as a line in her head. The line was, “I just want him to be happy”. Angie says she just figured lots of teenage girls must be feeling this way, and it just built up into this. For Angie this song means that if you truly love someone, you don’t care about yourself, or how they feel about you. You want nothing, but their happiness. Angie wrote this song because she wanted people to know what she felt love should be. She is looking forward to start shooting the video for “Happy” very soon.

Angie Sellars at stars2comeAngie’s journey took off about two years ago when she began performing in public through Shine Academy, a program for developing the talents of children. Their first performance was at Paradise Cafe and Salon. The audience was made up of mostly family and friends, but that was how they liked it. One of her favorite performances came when she performed at a school fundraiser. Shine sent Angie and another girl Sophia to the school to sing a couple of songs. This was their first big gig, and was by far the biggest stage she had been on. She said all the people were really fun to hang out with and was fun to explore backstage with her best friend. Angie also performed at The Talent Expo Show and was a lot of fun for her, in fact she liked it so much she is doing it again this year even though she did not win. She said it was a great experience to be backstage with so many talented young singers, just singing songs together.

While Angie is an amazing artist, she does have interests in other things, and one of them is acting. For all of those that loves to watch the X-Factor can find Angie in their commercials. She said this was a lot of fun. Angie went through an audition and a call back for the lead role, but got placed as an extra, but she still loved the experience. As an extra she ended up being part of a barbershop trio, with the people they placed as her parents. Angie said they had to learn three different songs in about twenty minutes, but they ended up not using any of the songs or their voices in the commercial. Angie didn’t mind however it was a national commercial, and she did impress some people that day, and even got a fist bump from LA Reid.

Angie’s talents also include writing short films. One of the films she wrote is called, “The Pencil”. However she says she can not take full credit for this film because she had help from some amazing friends at her summer camp to create the screenplay. The film is about a girl who dropped her pencil and her scary experience prior to getting it back. She really loves making these short films and little sketches, it is something that she enjoys doing in her free time with friends even if they don’t turn out great, they’re still loads of fun for her to make.

Angie does so much it is hard to see where she finds all the time to do them, but she does and still has time to squeeze in modeling. Although she does not do modeling to the extent as the other things she is into, but if the opportunity is there she will take it. She has modeled for, Sears, Rue 21, and Who’s Karen. All of these fashion shows were through Shine.

Being an artist is using one’s skill and imagination to create something and Angie has proved to be a great artist in many areas. It takes a person with great imagination to create films, and music like Angie. Angie’s creativity is at a level, to where there is no ceiling, there is nowhere to go, but up. The skills she has with music is just true art. What she has inside her will take her beyond a major artist, what she has will make her an, “icon”!  Angie, “is” incredible!

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