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Anna Graceman is a magnificent musician and songwriter. Her music will literally take your breath away. Anna has written and composed many songs, and from the very start her songs where nothing, but brilliant. The songs that comes from her are not bubble gum and lollipops like most kids her age would be singing. Her songs come out with a bang and grab your attention with the lyrics and the complex composition she puts in her music. It is hard to believe such music is coming from some one that is only eleven years old.  Anna truly far exceeds her years.

Anna from the great state of Alaska found her gift at a very early age. At eighteen months she could do complete songs, and when two years rolled around she was already performing for audiences. By the age of four she could play the piano, then by six she was writing her first song. That first song titled “So I Cried”. This song was inspired by her brother being so sick when he was little. The fear of losing him brought her those feelings, and the song is based on the feelings. Every song she writes has a true connection to her feelings and heart. This connection is easily felt in her music, and perhaps this is why she has become such a legend on YouTube, and has earned her over 11 million hits. Anna can take just about anything that comes along in life and turn it into a song.



Anna Graceman at stars2come Many of us have been following Anna for sometime now and every song you hear makes you want more. You wait in anticipation for another song and when it comes it is like Christmas, and Anna is Santa and her gift, is a song. Each time you open her gift it leaves you in even more amazement as to how can such creations be coming from some one so young. Unlike most kids that spend hours parked in front of a TV or playing on the internet, Anna spends her time reading and writing along with many outdoor activities. With the life style she lives this will take her many places that most can only dream of. While most of us will never know that dream,  you can count on Anna to bring us a taste of that dream through the music she continues to produce.

All the work she has put into music, and the love she has for it has now brought her to a whole new level. On June 21 , 2011 Anna appeared on America`s Got Talent stealing the hearts of the audience and America. The judges unsure of what to make of Anna at first when announcing that she was going to perform, Alicia Keys “If I Ain`t Got You”, but the uncertainty was soon swept away once Anna began to play and sing. She did for them the same as she has done for many who have followed her music. Anna brought joy and smiles to their faces. Anna admitted at first that she was a bit scared, but her performance did not waver, she sang the song brilliantly, and her keyboard playing was outstanding. The judges did not hold back on sending her through to Vegas. The last little girl to perform so well on AGT was Jackie Evancho. They are both tremendously talented, but Anna could climb higher than Jackie. There is one thing that the judges nor all of America has seen from her yet, and that is her skill of writing. It is this skill along with the heart she puts in her music that will take her beyond Jackie. Anna has the gift in her hands and her voice to make her one of the greatest artist ever. As AGT goes on you can bet Anna will be bringing many more surprises to everyone, and she is going to be the one keeping people on the edge of their seats with anticipation for her next performance. America has now seen Anna and America will grow to love her.

Anna currently has twenty five singles available please stop by and pick up one or all at itunes