Annika Rose

Annika Rose at stars2come

Annika Rose is one amazing artist, and it is ironic that her last name is Rose. Rose has always been associated with beauty, honor, grace and happiness. A Rose is something everyone hopes to receive, for this is the cream of the crop and once received it brings a special happiness that nothing else can do, its magical leaving a long-lasting impression. This is what Annika Rose is in music. To listen to her “is” receiving the rose.

Annika has always been exposed to music, her mom had moved to LA when she was young to follow her dream of becoming a singer. So it was only natural that Annika would grow to be a singer too. (Wow! what a singer she has become). Her mom was always singing and Annika loved it. There are many guitars and a piano at their house and her parents and their friends would jam a lot and Annika and her sister would sing.

This amazing new artist didn’t waste anytime getting out and performing, her first performance came when she was in kindergarten. Annika was the first kindergartener to make it into the talent show at her school. At the talent show she sang a song from High School Musical on a big stage under a spotlight; she was hooked.   She says she remembers it was at a high school on Van Nuys and felt right at home on the stage.

With no surprise Annika has been performing everywhere. One of her favorites was when she made it to the finals in a contest called, Karaokefest when she was ten years old. She had to beat out several people, in several rounds before advancing to the big stage at the county fair. She came in 3rd place against people much older than her, but she said it was so much fun being up on that stage. Annika is eleven years old and already has her own band called, Breaking 27 and they performed at a place called The Kibbitz Room in LA. She said the place was packed and even though it is Canter’s Deli, it is a very well-known venue and every star has played there. More recently Annika has been performing for Tunes For Tots helping to raise money for charities. They play music upstairs of The House of Blues and they just had a show there raising money for a charity called, Variety.

Annika used to do a lot of karaoke contests at a place called Endless Food and Fun until it closed. She would go and sing every chance she had to have fun, learn new songs and do contests when they had them. She was also very involved in a performing arts program called, Hollywood Launch. Annika performed at a contest they had over the past summer and won Best Vocalist. She said she learned a lot from producer Jonathan George while she was in the program. The acting coach, Kelly Park taught her a lot as well.

While Annika is an amazing singer, she is also working to be an actress. She is always auditioning for things and taking acting classes to help make herself the best she can be. As gifted as Annika is, it will not be long before she owns the silver screen. One of her favorite monologues from an acting showcase she did:

When it comes right down to it Annika is the “art” in artist and she proves it with every song. “Performing to me is where I live, if that makes sense. I feel totally alive and comfortable on stage” says Annika. She feels when performing you can just be yourself, you can become someone else, you can let go of everything, you can just be totally present and free. She knows she is truest to herself when she is singing and just wants to do it forever. When she is performing her favorite artists to cover are Katy Perry and Hayley Williams from Paramore and Skylar Grey. She says they are all pretty different and they inspire her in different ways. Annika says Katy and Hayley are just fun, but write great songs. Skylar is deep and more independent, but writes such incredible songs.

Annika does hope to be able to make a living doing what she loves. She loves to act, but she especially loves to sing. (It really shows). She would love to be able to take her music and tour the world by the time she is sixteen. Her sister has special needs and she hopes to one day make enough money to open a school for kids like her who can’t afford to pay for the type of education they need.

Annika Rose at stars2come  Annika is also a songwriter. However even though she writes she has yet to record one of her own. She has been writing with her mom and different producers and will get an original recorded this year. She has a journal where she writes her ideas, thoughts and feelings when ever they come up. She also just started playing piano this year and she feels it will really help with developing her own music. Her music director, Muddy Dutton is always writing songs for her band and very inspiring for Annika.

Annika is an awesome person and very focused. She loves doing all the normal things like hanging out with friends, doing gymnastics, photography and fashion, but  singing comes first. Singing is what keeps her going forward and keeps her working towards the bigger picture. She says it is also important to have good grades, and her parents will not have it any other way, and that is okay with her.

It is amazing to hear such artists as Annika and what they are capable of and at such a young age. Sometimes people say that artists like Annika are our future, but they are much more than that. Annika is the artist of today. Annika Rose fits right long side of Katy Perry. She not only has the voice, but the creativity and personality needed to make a great artist that will inspire others. Her artistry is equal to many that is already on the charts just like, One Direction. Annika covers a song from them called, Story Of My Life and One Direction themselves could not do this song any better. Annika is beginning to tell the Story Of “Her” Life and what an amazing life she is in for. Annika Rose, her music is the rose which she is handing out, it is beauty, and happiness, take the rose and enjoy the magic.