Anslee Lake

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 Anslee is one beautiful performer. After seeing her perform live, it is easy to see why the audience enjoys her so much, not only does she have great vocals, but she has such a wonderful personality that stands out on stage that, you can`t help but love watching her.

 For Anslee singing was in her blood at a very early age, singing before she could talk. She loved singing Barney songs for her preschool friends, and loved to watch anything on TV with music. When she was four she joined  the church choir and was the youngest person in the musical, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, this is where she fell in love with stage and live performances. She began performing in more musicals such as, Alice in Wonderland, Hans Christian Anderson works, Aladdin, and 101 Dalmatians, but her first solo performance was when she was eight at a bridge dedication for her uncle. She has worked with Linda Davis for stage presence, and at age ten, she joined J. Kelly studios and has been with them for four years. Then in the fall of 2010 she also began working with Jessica Ford. All this training as been paying off greatly with several awards. Here recently at the TCMA competition in Pigeon Forge, she was awarded, Most Promising Entertainer of the Year in traditional country ages 13-16 and Most Promising vocalist in traditional country in the same age group.


Anslee Lake at stars2come

 Anslee in March of 2009, had the pleasure of meeting Mike Jennings, the producer of Nashville Spotlight TV show. Nashville Spotlight has changed her whole out-look on her career. She now looks at the endless dreams and possibilities,  no longer looking at her self as a casual performer, but something bigger. Now she is a regular on Nashville Spotlight, and can be found performing at many of the showcases. Being part of Nashville Spotlight, she gets a lot of stage opportunities performing at places like Nashville Palace and Johnny A`s. Now because of all of this, she feels like a part of a big music family with lots of support.

 During the Fall of 2010 she was approached by an amazing producer/ engineer Jonell Polansky. She is working with Anslee on studio performances and the recording process. After starting to work with Anslee, her voice has gone to new levels and the smallest changes have made large differences in the quality of the finished recording.

 Like many Anslee has large dreams as well, she hopes that, one day she will have the good fortune to perform on the Grand Ole Opry. Another dream of her`s is, to at some point to have her own CD, but no matter what she will always sing for herself and God. She feels without her faith in God and the talent he has given her, she would not be performing today.  Anslee has such an amazing attitude when it comes to her music that, her dreams has a great chance of becoming reality.