Arden Reimer


                                                                                      I am astounded by the amount of great talent coming out of Canada , the country seems to be teaming with talent. Arden is right in there with them. His control and  range for his age is incredible , not only that, but the power he has to deliver a song. He has come a long way with what he can do in the short time he has been singing. Arden is thirteen and he began taking singing seriously at age ten. How ever he has always loved to sing since around three years old. He fell in love with it after seeing a show called Divas ,  mesmerized by Dianna Ross. He began singing her song ” Stop In The Name Of Love ” over and over. Perhaps this is where his power and control came from taking on a Diana Ross song early on helped to shape his voice. What ever the reason is,  his voice is awesome. There is no daught that Arden has the passion for music,  it shows in every song.  He started taking vocal lessons when he was ten,  by eleven he had his first TV appearance.   He was chosen out of 100`s children , where he sang the song  ” Hey There Delilah ” this was Arden`s favorite performance of all time. One thing about Arden that really stands out to me is the songs he chooses,  he always seems to pick just the right one. He says , it has to have meaning otherwise he will not sing it. This is a great thing,  because song choice is so important no matter who you are and if it doesn`t have meaning to you  , then it is not going to have meaning for those who listen , these things always translates back to the audience.


 Arden loves to sing  current songs and songs from  the 80`s ( I love the 80`s music ) . This is what is going to separate Arden from many others. It seems so many are getting stuck in only what is current , when the past has so much great music to learn from. Taking an interest in other eras , Arden is going to have much more to give his music and he will have a broader background to pull from.  He has recently been influenced by Crystal Bowersox from American Idol he likes how she rearranges the songs to make them her own. I think Crystal is a great influence , she is a fabulous performer and she is good at taking other people songs and changing them to fit her ,  this is a great talent for anyone to learn. Arden is also very well rounded when it comes to music. He started playing piano at age six , then picked up the guitar at eleven and now base and ukulele ( what an amazing amount of talent ) Arden is working on his first single , he hopes to have it finished some time this summer and will be available on itunes. He just started writing his first song with the help of his music teacher.  He says  , that he has not settled on a title yet. I am glad to hear that he is  writing , this is an art that every musician needs and I know Arden will be awesome at it. He has been keeping himself busy with some performances at some local events along with performing at his school talent show and for his graduation ( that must have been a great honor ). Arden is lucky in a lot of ways. He is growing up in the time of the Internet where anything is possible now. The music world is no longer an adults world there are now millions of young performers out there and beginning to dominate over the adults. Arden is now one of these young performers , I can only imagine the great music he is going to bring to everyone. Singing is what makes him tick and without it he says , his life would be so boring. I am glad it does or we would be missing out on his great music that,  he has to offer us all…..