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Art Of Play is one of the greatest pop groups to come along. These great artists  are on their way to take over the east coast, then the country. One Direction currently has the attention of the teen world, but AOP is about to bring that to an end, because these guys are hot and they are bringing some hot music that the teen world will not get enough of. This amazing group is made up of, Ricky Webber (keyboards and vocals), Domenico Randazzo (guitar and vocals), TJ Coon (bass and vocals), and Tyler Volk (drummer and rapper), together they are, Art Of Play.

AOP  with their amazing music will have all the girls from coast to coast hanging on their coattails totally, “Love Struck”! Love Struck is the title of one of their amazing songs, lyrics written by Domenico and most of the music, but all the artists contributed to it. The song is about the trials and tribulations that teens go through when dealing with falling in love with someone and that is what will be happening to many girls everywhere when they fall in love with AOP. The song Love Struck is a song that shows just how talented  AOP is.  This song was put together very well, it flows nicely, its catchy and has a title that will stick in every girl’s head.  The video that was put together for this song is very well done and everyone in it done a great job and the video shows just how crazy the girls are going to be of AOP. Larry Hochberg former producer of MTV’s Pimp my Ride helped with the filming of this video. It was filmed at a large warehouse in their area and Larry brought in a lighting and film crew and AOP asked some friends to come and be part of the video. AOP said it was surreal, it was as if they were  working on a movie set.

The teen sensation Art Of Play has been putting out great music ever since they came to be. Ricky and Domenico had been playing in bands since the ages of ten and eleven. Then when the bands members were in seventh grade TJ and Tyler joined to form Art Of Play. Ever since this beginning they have been writing songs, recording and performing together. They are currently sophomores in high school.

AOP at stars2come

AOP has performed many times working their way to the top and stolen the hearts of many girls along the way. The first hearts they stole came when they started performing at local school and charity events. The group really likes helping out and has performed for the American Cancer Society, Morris Education Foundation and for “TeamSean”. TeamSean is an organization that raises money for a small boy in their area who has cancer. They have also performed at Morristown Green and Morristown Community Theater. Their plan is to cultivate a fan base locally, and then begin to branch out.

AOP has also performed at the famous Apollo Theater. They went to the theater to compete in the “Stars of Tomorrow’s Amateur Night” and won 1st place in 2012 and was invited back to perform at the Show Off Round. They said it was a real thrill and privilege to perform twice on the world famous Apollo Theater stage where so many great artists before them had performed. There is another performance that is a favorite of theirs as well called, “Sand Aid” in January 2013. Sand Aid is a benefit concert that AOP had organized to help raise money for the NJ Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund . They invited several artists from the area to come and perform in the auditorium of Morristown High School. Art of Play did a great job with this event raising $5400.00 for the relief efforts.

AOP is doing amazingly well and all of their efforts are not going unnoticed. Art Of Play was featured on “Spotlight NJ” in a thirty minute segment with Della Crews the news anchor for NJ News 12. At the start of it they played their original song Love Struck and then followed by an interview and finally a segment featuring the recording of the track and some live performance footage. Della became interested in the band because she learned of all their work with charity especially the Sandy Aid concert.

Art Of Play does put on many performances and even though they have songs of their own, they do cover many genres and artists as well. They feel that it is their versatility that separates them from others. They said that they do not abide by any rules when it comes to music they can or cannot play from the many genres that are out there.

AOP are very skilled artists and their skills are growing everyday and this holds true with their writing. They have written six songs in the past year and the inspiration for their songs are all derived from personal experiences and experiences of others. They say that “Jealous Games” is probably their greatest song to date because it shows off their ability to write and self produce without the help of any record label. The video for this song is also 100% created by AOP.

Art Of Play is the hottest new boy band and they are making their way basically on their own. They write and record all of their music in Art Of Play’s basement studio and are currently working their way into film production. They are an amazing group that is stealing the hearts of teenage girls everywhere they perform. Art Of play is the next big thing! Keep track of their music on their website Art Of Play.