Ashleigh Ashton

Ashleigh Jerkatis at stars2come

 For Ashleigh the stage is her home. After watching her perform I can see she is perfectly comfortable there and she connects very well with the audience. Ashleigh is flexible when it comes to performing, she can get right in there with the best of them on guitar or without. The vocals she has will make you listen and this beautiful face of hers belongs on camera.

 Ashleigh has been singing since she was five and has not stopped,_ it really shows. She has had vocal lessons through several people, but currently she is studying under Richard Fink IV.  Ashleigh got her first guitar at age eleven, she is currently taking lessons. I got to hear her play live recently and she does an outstanding  job of it, her playing compliments her voice very nicely.

 Ashleigh has a special way with words, the lyrics she comes up with is fabulous. She started writing songs when she was ten and has kept on going, with 103 songs under her belt, that is very impressive. She writes about her experiences and things she sees happening around her. There is no question, that music is where she, is at home.  Her original ” So Long Baby ” is a great new song,  the melody awesome.


Ashleigh Jerkatis at stars2come

 Ashleigh has done well in competitions, she was a finalist in Dekatur at The 2009 and 2010 Colgate Country Showdown. She also has several places that she performs regular  every Saturday at Tavern on La Grange. She performs once a month at Gatto’s in New Lenox and Mondays at The Salt Creek Wine Bar in Brookfield and many other local establishments. Ashleigh has been performing for Nashville Spotlight for a year and a half. She really loves performing for them, she says, it has been lots of fun and that she has met a lot of people.

Ashleigh also enjoys acting she goes to The Piven Theatre Workshop In Evanston IL  One of her goals in life is to be a singer/songwriter/ recording artist . She would like to inspire people with her music (from what I hear that will be no problem , she is sensational). I know for me it was pure joy to watch her perform, always smiling , you can see that, she is a real down to earth person.  I think this is what helps her performance stand out, if you are real and love what you are doing it will show. I hope you enjoy another of her original songs below ” Late December ” ….